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фоллаут в ебанутой версии ))
- John Constantine -

The music is good. The movie is so bad it's great.
- BookandCandle -

"Nice tuxedo to DIE"
- Arnold Lane -

I’m here after watching making of “bubba bo-tep” and the composer got his job from his work on this movie.
- Sharing Lungs -

J.Falcon's masterpiece, u dont need millions, only 1 genius
- gozer gozerian -

- 임태완 -

I remember this from Comcast On Demand free movies section back in the day. A dope movie when you are 12.
- Zach S -

Fallout new Vegas the movie
- Bandos -

This looks like a fucking brilliant B movie version of Lone Wolf and Cub movies.
- Simon Bullows -

The Red Elvises has left the building
- BytemeVV - -

nice tuxedo... nice tuxedo to die! ...... what?
- flowerm8 -

This is the second-greatest post-apocalyptic film of all time. It is also the first greatest.
- Pantechnicon -

-if i were you i would be running
-if you were me, you'd be good lookin'
- Taramtatam -

This movie Kicks SOO much Ass!!! Very underrated!!!
- zombiguts -

Buddy Holly is the Ultimate Assassin
- Hdofu Fox -

what's even more impressive is that Jeff falcon did all his own stunts without any wires and assistance from any props.
- FocusFanatic -

Why have I never heard of this? This is a gem!
- Logan -

Second Generation Martin electric c. '67. Moby Grape played these. De Armond pickups and a Bigsby. If they had added an interior block like a 335 they'd still be making them today. I've had three. Very under-rated guitars.
- Franz Kafka -

damnnnn!!!!! finally found this movie! this fucked me up for years!!! been searching for this for a looooong time! saw this as a kid and I could only faintly remember some scenes. when they were under the sand was the most unforgettable memory in my head. gahdd!!! I'm so happy I found this!!
- Hopeless Midori -

Fallout New Vegas
- コボアンドレス -