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So excited to see this finally be released! Hope you love it ❀
- Anne-Marie -

i am crying :'(
- Aleandro Boekorsom -

James Arthur is kinda cute in this video, especially in this sweater -3-
- GenYou Rus -

Personally I think this song isn't ever gonna get old 🀩
- Anish -

The great song
- Zzzz Zzzz -

Maaaaan, what a voice he has
- Jessica Simon -

Luv this song ❀️ sooo muucchh!!!
- Teesta Ghosh -

Lop u anne❣️❣️
- Sujan Aryal -

Let's acknowledge the person behind the editing of this video. Great job. πŸ‘πŸΌ
- Jimuel Briones -

0:35 My favourite part
- Lynx Gaming Esports -

Azo and mhasi
- P4!N_ D34TH` -

- Handi Pradipto -

Anne Marie looks like Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3
- Manjot Singh -

I love you anne marie
- zakaria dos santos aviro -

2:40 is the biggest part
- Olawale Afolayan -

Easy listening, I feeling good energy from this song, a power of this song can touch every heart
Graphics, lingthning, koreo, and theme klip, uuuh it's awsome
This Will be Unforgettable song for me
- rdm wilsa -

I know if its my head or the situation but now I understand this song!!! And its beautiful....
- Nilima Pokharel -

the story is heart warmingI wish this would happen to me one day
- Lilly james -

- Elizabeth Quixley -

why no one is talking about how good he looks here?
- Ashi vlogs _ -