Sven Dirkschneider (of U.D.O. + Dirkschneider) shows off his tour drum kit!

Who should we film with next?
- Digital Tour Bus -

Who the fuck is Dave Copeland... I know a Stewart Copeland, but not a Dave Copeland
- Jack Wilczynski -

Y do all these metal guys like steel snare drum?? I don't get it... A wood snare made of maple or birch will go better with any style of music. 🤘🏻
- Ben Rosier -

This guy is fuckin' awesome@drums!
- HK Design -

How about Morgan Rose
- Eric Scripture -

this is a great video but it doesnt really represent his usual set up. He has a few electronic pads and different cymbals normally. would like to know exactly what effects he has on the e-pads and for what songs..
- Mike F -

Stewart Copeland, not Dave Copeland
- Fil Solano -

Dave copeland lol
- Boop Beep -

That equipment looks like it's custom-made
- crusader gamer -