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- Lisa Rojas -

Blake Shelton is the awesomest country singer
- Dawson pulley -

Jimmy O
- Waggoner Family Worship -

OK Blake so when are you going to propose to Gwen and tie the knot??? Or are you still in love with Miranda I really deep down wish you guys would go back together you always made such a cute couple
- Gabrielle Budd -

You got that right This is Ruby ! I plant  the tunes I love ! Sing it Blake we  love here in the Buckeys State
- Ruby Nance -

came here to make fun of country music videos about weddings but that is a damn powerful hook
- Richard Smoker -

Love this don't mind saying i'm a fan of Blake's
- Donn Kizzee -

The funny thing is in this video. They don’t show where they had to call the ambulance because the old man had a heart attack and the old woman we need to shock. I have to say and I would like to see the directors cut of this video. It will probably go into some deep lovemaking. And how beautiful the scene to scene these two old people make love. My guess is that they are cousins and they live in Alabama where you’re allowed to marry cousins.
- Scott Whaley -

Honestly When is Blake going to marry Gwen?
- Alphonso's House of Wheels -

Amo suas música lindo
- Rosangela Castro -

I❤💙that song
- Joshua Whaley -

- Kristen Mathis -

- Nicole Taft -

- Joshua Whaley -

- Joshua Whaley -

Top pup name for me is Mac anyone else
- Beth Johnson -

Outstanding 👍

Thank you

- Jacqueline Fabro -

I love this song
- Dixie Atkinson -

I really like this song.
- Dave Ambrose -