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Title should be 'I'll name the dawgs'.
- N'est pas une pipe -

I want some guy to play this song for me any ways this song had My Spot DJ Angel Mix Tape vol4 Play list
- Beautiful Angel Blossom -

I'll Name The Dogs Is A Great Straight Up Country Music Song By Blake Shelton.
- aitech nasus -

I don't think u name them all but what you can't I bet I can
- Lady Lucky -

I love that Gwen's sons are in this video. He is such a great dad to them.
- jordan martin -

One of my favorite songs by Blake.
- Amissa Anima Mea -

Awesome πŸ‘
- Beth Johnson -

I have a lesson up for the guitar solo on my channel! Jimmy Olander is a monster!
- Jeffrey Thomas -

"Kiss me in the kitchen on your tippy toes" β™₯️β™₯️ Such a perfect line, so gorgeous and so true. I can't stop giggle when I hear it every single time ☺️ And I've heard the song thousand times already! I love all about this.
- EruvieBruinen -

I love that song 😍😍
- Bipul Sarkar -

- Quan Vlog -

One thing I don't share my wife's no telling how many I got noing my family it wouldn't surprise me if I have to many my uncle would have married me when I was 4 or how many kids I got
- Dick Head -

β€œYou park your car in the driveway, I’ll park my truck in the grass” sounds like a fine parking situation. The garage will be for several years worth of hoarded tools and Christmas decorations.
- Will's Vlogs!! -

I hear it all the time ew country. Funny though my oldest daughter picked a country song for the father bride dance and my youngest daughter is doing the same thing lmao!!
- Dave Caisse -

I respect any man who can mend a heart he didn't break - and love a child he didn't make (read this recently and thought of Blake, Gwen & her 3 sons). He's the reason I listen to Country.
- Veronica Matchett -

Love the song, love the video, love Gwen's kids in it, love Blake, love Gwen, love Blake and Gwen together......I just love all of it!!!! :)
- Be Happy -

So love seeing you include the boys in the video, they sure look like they are enjoying this! Shows what kind of a man you are.
- Tracy T -

I watched because of the dogs :-) The song is really cool too!😜
- Arya Filnet -

Muah πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
- Lisa Oleksiuk -

Love story's!
- Lori Link -