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I dont know what gear I have man, I'm just here to play some songs, get my money and get the hell out. Now that's metal.
- Zack Perkins -

Only drummers can like this.
- Mythic Bopzz -

This is my guitar I think....🤔
- G3N0CID3 -

Just dialed my peavey rage combo like Ricky has his amp and it sounds great I mostly play in drop C or d standard on my main guitar but I'll be getting a new one that will be for drop B and lower
- ellis assassin -

babies omg
- maria oliveira -

Maybe your problem is that PEAVY SUCKS!
- Dern Vader -

Ok people if they didn't know shit about there equipment they wouldn't be playing it
- Angeleigh Chinn -

I think in the middle when Ryan was talking, Gost was playing is bass
- Angeleigh Chinn -

i wanna know where to get those guitar cases from
- Jack -

for the love of God, can we get guitarists that actually know something about the shit they use?
- Adam kahn -

Ghost is one ugly motherfucker
- MXNB -

I’m pretty sure my mum has similar glasses to Ricky’s
- amyy 2006 -

I've never watched a video that I didn't know what they were saying at all
- Kianna Montemayor -

Does anyone knows how Ghost runs 2 8x10 cabswith a single svt7 ? Because the minimum load on the svt7 is 4ohms and these two cabs in parallel are 2ohms...
- pideuh weuh -

Hi! This is Ricky from motionless you why
- Pedro Macedo -

Vinny needs a signature stick!!!!!!!!!
- Andrew Toppin -

Why the heck does Vinny have a double bass drum kit if he only uses one?
- Metal In Your Head -

Ricky's hands F U C K M E U P
- Grace Buck -

mah hog gany lol love it
- josh smith -

5:34 sounds like the vortex mini flanger by tc electronics
- Alan Sánchez García -