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When flex on my teachers this song plays in the distance😎😎👟👟💨
- CøøkieCät .M. -

BoNNneEEeRRR who’s listening in October 2019
- Ally Wimmer -

Top ten rappers Eminem was scared to diss
- My Booty -

Goes into 5th period gets sat next to the hot girl

All these raks giving me a bonerrrrrrrr
- XD-Lewis shotz -

I swear he said "all these RATS give me a BONHERRRRRRR
- tiktok songs on my playlist -

- Brandon Zapata -

This nigga gay
- 2k Grinder -

I had this as my ringtone and some one called me and I was in the middle of class
- plasmatics Original. [ORIG] -

- moby -

One Like=You Have a BonERRRRRR
- TheLaughingEEvEE -

- Pãozinho ヅ -

The dislikes are from people who didn’t get a boner
- xxCake -

Me: I’ve gotta think of something

My brain:
- Ding Dong -

This song gimme a bonnnnnneeeeeeerrrrrr
- Damon Jansen -

Had 69% battery while listening to this song
- D A N I E L -

I scream this song at my school all the time
- Michael Harris -

ohh shit

- Logan Brown -

This dude really said 'All these racks give me a boner' and people are still talking about Tupac smh.
- Knee Ger -

Love it dude
- Damon Jansen -

Why does this song remind me of kirishima . . . To hard hmmmmmmm 🤔🤩😍
- Fem Eijiro Kirishima -