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This is without a doubt one of the best videos I've ever seen about Bonzo's amazing drumming style.
You really did an outstanding job, man!
Keep up the awesome work!
- Youreallygotmenow ! -

Ur good kid
- Joel Barton -

Great teacher!
- SarahBEtv -

Ruff. Herta.
- Chris Mitchell -

Drums sound awesome bro, what make are they? cymbals sound great too good mix of Z's
- Petty Officer Martin Leeigh -

been playing for a while but i like the way you lay things out. Thanks
- Kent Forde -

This video is gold
- Karlos Zafra -

I'm brand new at drumming. I just got my first Roland RD 1K electronic drum kit. This video is a must watch. A wealth of information that helps me out immediately. Now I can just practice these parts and implement them into my practice. Thank you for this.
- Christopher Ament -

The timing on Rock N Roll is the same as the guitar intro from Johnny B Goode. Imagining that first, iconic slide is a really easy way for your bandmates to lock in the 1, especially as they come in on "& 2".
- Mr Monster -

Mike did you start off as a drummer?
- Gitaa A -

Sorry, Bonham is a mere padawan to the Professor.
- ViciousAlienKlown -

Wow Mike I didn't know you could play the drums! I started out wanting to be a drummer. Ended up being a guitarist. But I still love the drums!!
- Gitaa A -

absolutely brilliant video my man ! well done. you really covered a lot of ground here ! and spot on too ! plus you're a way cool drummer Bro !
- Jimbo Saul -

Is that a Marlboro cigarette cardboard cutout from a carton you glued to your snare head?
- Stork Legs -

Young fellow, you talk about John Bonham as if he were still alive. You DO know that he passed away in 1980, don't you ?
A terrible loss to the world of rock, but, yes, he IS gone.
- Patricia Jackson -

Thank you, sir. I’ll be revisiting this video in the future.
- Scotty 2dreads -

That was a sweet watch... Thankyou.
- gaz det -

I guess this afternoon is "cruising down drum memory lane" for me. I was a drummer (certainly not in Bonham's league) 35-40 years ago. Some of the vids I've watched in the past hour or so reminded me of fun on the drums and some of the great/bad/weird times in various bands back then.
- Michael Ogden -

I am learning to play guitar, but this makes me want to start drumming after guitar
- DrownedInGames -

2:07 thats the intro to a meat puppets song.... "scum"

scary name, very "chill" music
- kain hall -