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Welp now we all knows that she's Palpatine's she a clone though. Very very possible. We know that Palpatine loves his clones.
- Nolan Hood -

- Hanif Ml -

I always thought that the number of Rey’s in the cave represented the numbers of days she carved on the wall in episode 7. She thought after all that time she would finally find out but didn’t. Don’t know if I believe she’s a clone herself but I’m not saying there might not be clones/clone of her. I really believe she’s a descendant of Palpatine. He might be the reason if there is a clone of her and a reason why someone might’ve hid her from him.
- Courtney Cazes -

Probably not. What the mirror room meant, I think, is that it doesn't matter who her parents are. She was raised on Jakku, and lived as a scavenger. Her parents aren't what created her present self. All that created her were her own actions, this is how she came to be. That's why when she snapped (her present self), it didn't start with her present self, it started with the furthest back past self you could see. Like a chain reaction, the snap makes its way to her present self, then keeps going, and effects her future self.
- suns_out_buns_out -

I dont understand Star Wars ? But i love Playing The Force Unleashed
- Jonny Perez -

I think she is Obi wans daughter
- Dark Toucan -

Or shes the chosen one
- Kev -

the tall shadow looks like the kamino cloners more then a wookie. in my opinion, maybe the shadows are a Palpatine successor and a cloner?!
- The Hoodlum turned Gamer Nerd-ology -

She is a skywalker because of the new movies title.
- TheSloth -

Maybe Rey is Kylos brother and when he ran away she was traumatized and she ran away on a ship, then crashed on Jaku erasing her memory and she became a scavenger. She was young when she arrived, so Han couldn't recognize her, and she changed her name or the name "Rey" was given to her because she forgot her own and a scavenger gave her the name.
- Im MTS -

so it is a lame conclusion to a lame trilogy
- Mihai Craciun -

I love these theories! I don't care if true or not it's so entertaining and looking forward to the next movie!
- Ted Zeiller -

Is an inbreed? What?
- rapierwon -

My theory is that Rey is a clone of Anakin Skywalker that is why she can use the force so effortlessly, use and talk to her lightsaber, and be able to pilot ships without prior knowledge. Emperor Palpatin didnt die and he has been creating an empire in the outer Rim. I believe he created Rey, a sleeper agent and a clone of Anakin Skywalker. Those clones that we see of Rey in the Sith cave are all the failed clones. When Lord Snoke talks about how proud he was of his Aprentice, when Rey was in the throne room, he was indeed talking about Rey and not Kylo. I believe Palpatin was mind controling Snoke and created the First order in order to unite all the republic to once and for all eliminate them. That is why their gathering is their undoing. Rey will betray the republic because she is a sleeper agent.
- Jorge Herrera -

Rey's Identity was revealed in the force awakens; a useless throw away mary sue character, that no one will care when is killed off, will be forgotten in a couple of years, and the universe of star wars will be better off for it.
Star Wars is a DOA franchise thanks to Disney's moronic approach to it.
- Wes Grant -

Rey is a clone of Anakin created by Palpatine, simple as that.
- Nick Young -

May be she is the child of a clone
- Charles Pelleray -

I would like to build upon your theory by saying I believe They is the clone of a youngling Vader killed who was extremely force sensitive. I came to this conclusion after your video and realizing that this isn't the first time Vader has done something like this in secret in the Extended universe Vader was show to an apprentice Sidious didn't know of(in the games it's Starkiller, I forgot who it was in the books but she was extremely powerful). This would coincide with the mirror scene you spoke of and why not being direct lineage to the Skywalker's she has a depper connection with Kelo Ren(Darth Vader's son).
- Antwaine Horton -

I'm gonna stick that Rey is Anakin Reborn. Just like Anakin, Rey also don't have a real parents.They are both force sensitive and can be turned into the darkside. They both have the power to bring balance to the force. Rey is a skywalker in a sense that is Anakin Reborn.
- Benjamin Briones -

Ray was a clone engineered from the DNA of baby Yoda
- Oliver Palafox -