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Rey is a clone
Rey is a broom boy
Rey is Anakin reborn
Rey is Rey
Rey is a scavenger
Rey is a Palpatine
Rey is a Skywalker
Rey is a Solo
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Idk which one is she?
- Star Wars Theory -

She was created by the force which is why it showed herself, the force needs balance and the line of sky walker came directly from the force and now Kylo ren is of sky walker bloodline and super powerful because of the way the bloodline began. Therefore to maintain balance the force created a good person from the force to counteract the person created from the dark.

This would, for me, bring back the power of this saga.
- Kenan Mckinnon -

My theory: Obi-Wan had a daughter. That daughter met Luke Skywalker and they had a child:Rey. boom
- partsoap558 -

I think she is kylo's twin. Just like Luke and Leia. Twins run in families, and on the mothers side. Also I just kinda think that.
- Rachel -

None of this matters . JarJar Binks is the Sith Lord
- HardRock65 -

I seriously think Rey is a clone of Anakin
- Astrovite -

It would explain dark side Rey, that was one of the clones.
- Clementine Edits -

I am telling ya...Incest baby.
- Steve Block -

Spoilers say she’s palpitines granddaughter
- Will Wright -

Maybe I’m missing something... if she was/is a clone wouldn’t she look like whoever she is cloned from? And wouldn’t she have aged like super fast as told in ep2
- Mike Medina -

What if her parents are actually no one, she could be a reincarnation of the chosen one. But instead of born with just no father like Anakin, she had not father or mother born of pure force. Balanced in light and dark to bring balance. It would also explain her instinctual and powerful use of the force with no training
- Siroreo -

The SHADOWS....Look...Like CHEWI and SOLO!???
Which is...THE ONLY....EXPLANATION!????
So Wait!!!
DUDE!!! SAY NO TO DRUGS !!! hahaha
- droidcrasher -

Haha the theory is way too complex. It will have some very simple explanation, like Rey has green eyes, so shes daughter of ... (fill any1 with green eyes :-).
This is Disney, not Linch
- Pavel Slavětínský -

It doesn't matter who Reyes partners are. The star wars series is absolute trash nowadays
- Kellen Beck -

if people think that Rey is related to Sideous because she stabs a lot you're wrong, I think she just has the same fighting style
- Oscar Wooldridge -

The answer is Hashirama cells
- Jaber -

What about if that memory Rey is remembering of being left behind was the original Rey, who may have been killed after being cloned? But the clone still has all her memories. Maybe palpatine used the cloning facility he had to create a clone who could possess the ways of the force. Maybe it was Anakin who oversaw this as Vader, or maybe dna from him was taken with or without his knowledge.
A thousand generations live in you now... the rise of skywalker.. so with Rey, Anakin is too, able to be present giving her the force power to defeat evil.
- Lauren Duff -

Kylo’s sister?

I think it would be cool if she was Boba Fett’s daughter
- Robanator -

Rey is a Skywalker. End of story.
- Hybrid Starlet -