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Rey is a clone
Rey is a broom boy
Rey is Anakin reborn
Rey is Rey
Rey is a scavenger
Rey is a Palpatine
Rey is a Skywalker
Rey is a Solo
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Idk which one is she?
- Star Wars Theory -

- Tuško -

lmao i was just thinking it could look like vader
- Jesse alex -

Imagine if she was a Dooku or a Jinn...
- Chrometron Prime -

I really wished they kept this idea. It would have been a reverse telling of the Force Unleashed games. Rey being the canon Starkiller clone and Darth Rey being the canon Galen Marek. It would have explained so easily why Rey was so powerful without training. She was a clone of an apprentice of Sidious. And instead of Palpatine coming back, Darth Rey would have been the main villain with Rey coming to terms and confronting her template.

- Nosfonader87 -

That shadow looked like Vader’s! Also they prolly made clones of her which is why we see Darth Rey, that wasn’t a vision but a real sith apprentice
- Novh -

Imagine if she was obi wan or Qui gon Jinn's granddaughter
- Jeff Last -

I think the rule of two applys to more then just siths it would also apply to the Skywalker lineage as luke and Leia were born together then the next generation so on so forth so maybe rey came from the other side Anakin maybe had a twin sister hidden from him as luke and Leia were for a long time but reys parents are still left in the dark and here we are
- Burn Bibles -

I think that she’s a desendant of palp
- Freddie Butler -

The is a Palpatine
- Sean Erangey -

Should have been a clone of Luke and palpitine mixed. The strongest light and strongest dark. it was right there and they botched it
- Ray King -

To me, when the shadows come together they look like Kylo Ren, and you’ll understand once you’ve seen ROS
- Kamraan Nizam -

Although very terribly , because very scripted scenario shitty the Rise of Evil from gungan Ja Ja Abrams-Binks has been released six months ago , but you should know , that it would be much much better if the clone was made not by Rey's father, but by Rey herself, presenting to us Darth Vader and Darth Sidious as her fathers, or rather donors of biological material for her cloning , because it would explain her imbecility in applying the force's abilities to cellular memory, having conducted a direct parallel with baby Yoda from Mandalore, without this ridiculous and incompetent hack script scenario failure disguised as Leia's training !!
- DartIllidan Gaming -

SPOILERS Rey is a Palpatine
- Tristyn bishop -

Or she was born without a father like anakin or even born without both. And even stronger than anakin.
- ambross mbunga -

Yeah yeah. No no no no she’s not a palpiteen.
She IS Mace Window
- Ethans Uploads -

Well, this comment didn't age to well didn't it?
- Winston's College Vlogs -

Ik shes a palpatine but imagine if:
Rey Jinn
Rey Windu
Rey Organa
Rey Kenobi
Rey Solo
Rey Calrissian
And literally any weird name combo u can think of
- CF714 Games -

I think she was a clone
- Abdelrahman salama -

- Abdelrahman salama -