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OOO Look At The Sweet Tender Way They Kiss His Lips Are So Sweet MMM Yummy
- Gordon Tune -

Fuckin pumpkin muffin say that 5 times fast
- Fangirl#1 -

His dimples are deeper than my thoughts
- Brenda Ramirez -

"You're a hooker right? Act like it"
Excuse me, you're a dad, act like it
- Yandé Kohn -

- Marcemi Silva de souza -

I didn’t think I would like this but it was actually good! Usually short films about gays are sad and suicidal. But this one was heartwarming.
- Wiggle flop Baker -

Everything about this movie is wonderful. So glad it appeared in my YouTube suggestions.
- Yvette Levi -

- أّلَأّء أّلَحٌوِأّتّ -

Oh my god can I have Katie?
- Mary Brennan -

Great film! Thank you. My parents were much worse that the dad in this film to me. I had to get out when I was 19. If I hadn’t I would have taken my life. Again thank you for this film. I take it the dad in this film will finally learn. My parents never will.
- Scott Grey -

Brilliant. Beautiful. And very, very real. Thank you.
- Jay Quinn -

“Oh, see something you like?” Thought she was going to put her cowgirl hat on 😂 I just created a new short film about my personal journey and a celebration of all things fabulous! Supporting our LGBT + community, if you need a mood booster right about now, I defy you not to smile. 💕😀💕
- Simon Feel good -

Katie is the parent we've all been looking for
- Ace -

ok so at first when the film started I was just thinking about how the girl is trash but the fucking pumpkin muffin scene is priceless
- Cedric Shepherd -

Is Beauttyfull
Es lo más hermoso que eh visto. 😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
- Isha 777 -

This is quite simply, a masterpiece, I've watched it a dozen times. The acting is superb, the script is realistic and the dialog is perfect and real. I'd like to see a sequel someday.
- P JS -

anybody here from that tik tok?
- Nick Lovizio -

That Guy David is scary AsF
- Benito Mussolini -

! #rebekahtripp X
- EnRico VAN Keeken -

thanks for this brilliantly told relevant story. this was a great example of how the poor Dad is crippled by his own ignorance, and hurting his son

It's like, why do we manufacture unnecessary pain into the world?
- Darion D'Anjou -