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Mike Portnoy in a nutshell ~ RLRLKK RLRLKK RLKK RLKK RLKK
- Uncensored Music -

Fatal tragedy
- Jinsu Natsume -

I honestly can't stand dream theater but i love me some mike portnoy
- kevin schindele -

why you left the band😥
- Ma hmuntea -

Could have just called it “Mike Portnoy fills”, nothing he does isn’t already crazy!
- Taste Captain -

5:57 Mike's in a drum shop looking at a display rack of cymbals for sale:

Mike: I'll take it!
Salesman: Which one?
Mike: Yes.
- Tesserex -

5:17 watch closely. Keep playing it back. It looks so unnatural like its edited or something. Watch his left hand.
- Sweet Jones III -

His finishes are crazy good
- Robert Boyle -

I’ve been drumming for around 15 years, and I can tell you that Portnoys fills are by no means crazy. Maybe for the time? But for today, it’s pretty basic stuff. No super complex hand patterns, nor feet patterns. Its fairly tasteless how often he returns to the same 2 over 2 or 4 over 4 tom/bass fills. Which are not difficult to play. You can walk in to a guitar center today and find a child playing those patterns with ease.
- Mellowtron -

The video I stumble upon, where I know its something I want to bump my sound up to actually listen to, but I don't trust the editing, knowing its from 2010. Where one might need to be cranked nearly all the way to barely hear, then the following clip blows out your eardrums because of it.
- Toxicmatrix -

I appreciate Mike's drumming and the talent of every band member, but I just cannot listen to Dream Theater because I hate the singer's voice and those cheesy 80s keyboard sounds.
- Christopher -

0:36 first known version of dabbing
- Telefonsladd -

I will probably be absolutely crucified for saying this, but portnoy is not an absolutely amazing PLAYER. He is a great ROCK DRUM COMPOSER. He plays and writes what is necessary and only absolutely necessary for the success of the song and it is awesome how he can use his critical ear. When he needs to be simple, he is simple, when he needs to be fast he is fast, he lets the other instruments shine where they need to. HOWEVER My biggest problem with Portnoy is after the album Awake, he never once tried to add any new types of fills or techniques. All single strokes, all RLRLKK etc. This is not to say he is not a good player I just wish he tried to expand his repertoire from more than just rock drums. Phil collins for example expanded into latin grooves and Jazz. And Mangini incorporates a diverse use of rhythms in his playing. Danny carey uses different polymetres. But portnoy just stayed the same. Further more, when I watch live videos of him he makes MANY more mistakes than his counterparts. I accept all the rage and hatred you bestow.
- Joseph Tattum -

The timing for the lost drum stick couldn’t have been more perfect if it was scripted. Mike Portnoy just can’t lose lol. Dude oozes talent
- Johnny Appleseed -

I'm not in awe
- Fernando Gimenez -

I disliked this because i can do everything that was shown here.
- Vitalii Abracosa -

This fuckin sick
- Ferry Oktavian -

what are those middle toms or dimensions at 1:47
- Adam Stringer -

I read it as Crazy Drum FAILS . But damn i was blown away
- Bryan Yong -

Portnoys pocket is shallow.
- Pataki Satori -