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He said niggas in Jerusalem waiting for signs gods coming she’s just taking her time , damn pacs fucking bad as fuck
- Ruben Barela -

- Devon Grander -

The goat
- Chris Newton -

I think you're big and Tupac and he's he was still here there wouldn't be any other rappers nobody else will be able to make music maybe a few other people but none of these new motherfukers walking around here
- Alonzo Elliott -

Suge Knight and Dr Dre killed Eazy-E distinct if them brothers that got together down there and record labels they would have never been able to stop them if they would all this work
- Alonzo Elliott -

Picture my 2
- curtischeeves -

Offfff imagine me f he did another album genius
- Usman Ali -

Stills Bumping 2019🔥🔥🔥
- Don Don Russell -

say it!!!
- niniononous Mak -

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- Aztec King -

another one of those superficial 2pac party songs w no substance lol...where u @ Funkmaster Flex
- Julian Jay -

We probably in hell already i dumb asses not knowing everybody kissing ass to go to heaven ain't going i put my soul on it!!! The realest shit i ever heard 💯💯💯 RIP 2pac the last of a dying breed
- aj stonewalls -

I wonder what made him write this
- Michael Johnson -

doom doom doom doom
- niniononous Mak -

you my heart
- niniononous Mak -

Pac would have been an Atheist now
- frank jones -

I see you tupac. "reincarnation is my only fear"- tupac The undisputed pope and catholic. Tupac didn't have kids either. haha tupac didn't have no goats =) love you tupac!
- Humble Servant -

Ever 2000 years we get a prophet! Jesus Christ 0000 tupac 1996
- John Carr -

This nigga went soo hard he came for all institutions on this one.
- Last Ronin -

3752 seguirá sonando 2pac..como forma de vida undergrown y abriendo mentes.. 2PAC EL GRAN MAESTRO!!!
- Adro Skater -