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Why you don't come around anymore? I know Just like me... Can't never have anything for yourself...
- crip records -

is god just another cop, waiting to beat my ass if I don't go Pop
- Omar Dogan -

I love this shit...... My nigga pac go hard!!!!!!!!!!
- Jesus Christ -

PAC got biblical on this shit. DA G.O.A.T May he R.I.P. (ReturnIfPossible)
- davisdunnit -

Respect this....
- Stay True -

2020 still 🔥🔥 RIP Pac
- Romeo Herrington -

Very Intelligent Man Very Outspoken!
- Mac Foe -

Louis and Elijah should burn in HELL for what they did to Malcolm!!!!!! If you don't agree with that then shove your bean pie up your ass, BOY!!!!!!!!!!

God has a plan okay Lord show me the better way I'm trying to figure it out with out the Act of violence
- King of Kings -

Any other Officers rocking this Shit ?
- Taylin Run -

Who is gonna be pumping this in 2020. If so SEE YA THERE
- GamingWithJJ 06 -

2020 soon , more than 8 years on repeat.
- XVII / Ψυχασθένεια -

- Chris William -

S/O to da Rasta far i’s
- Harry Siackasone -

“God swear He just takin his time... blas 4 me. Ha ha ha preaching the whole time ya had it mixed wit nursery rhymes. Went to sleep many nights guns bustin as I laid my head
- Harry Siackasone -

I swear He was speaking to me n still is.. til I rise til the day I die
- Harry Siackasone -

Hey dog I think we killed jesus again
- Homeless Patriach -

Man was only in his mid 20s when he wrote all this...insane!!!!!!
- ATS -

Dec 2019 still 🔥🔥
- Amario Wade -

- Beka Shakur -