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Neil really does not like the camera lol
- Josh Martin -

I understand the shipping issue with costing money . But Fuckin everyone nowadays is doing the kemper profiling . There's nothing like an actual Head and Amp setup miked properly .
- Syracuse 66 -

Tube amps over modelers all day, the variance in room to room is part of the fun
- Shawn Friday -

Aftermath is the best sounding bridge for metal I think. SD Back Winter for neck.
- Nunuv yorbiznes -

Would love an updated rundown, Kev is running all Music Man stuff now
- Bobby Drex -

Schecter makes great guitars. They must have turned down his lame idea for a guitar. dudes like. "UMMMM I don't know what, it sounds like a EMG, 500k I don't know what they uesd" Not to bright. whole band's not to smart. lol "my backs giving out". I'll go with the les paul anyday
- Jay -

74 les paul customs mint are 5 to 7k
- Paul Ferreira -

Ironic they are talking about "Common Courtesy" album and music starts blasting, guy walks in front of camera, tech starts sorting for tools beside them doing the interview. Unreal
- eric bell -

“Eric Clapton has my guitar and I want it back......dude.”
- Official BNAMusic88 -

Or you could just go with “Bias” and not spend $2500 on a Kemper Profiler.
- Stuntman D29 -

- sam reaper -

I hate having to add parts to my gibsons in order to get that single pickup single vol sound.
I'm still searching..
- KidNato -

This dude is clueless
- t j -

Why tf is there a World heavyweight championship in the back
- Jay Síxx -

But I want to know what's in the Yeti coolers
- Patrick Kingsley -

That signature guitar looks like shit. The guy who plays that guitar is shit. The whole band is a bunch of twat douchebags playing for a bunch of kids that think the world is against them. Not to mention 99% of these kids probably claim that they have some sort of anxiety disorder or depression. GOD DAM, I HATE MY GENERATION.
- Burn The Machine -

Every second question turns to guitar tech man.. im no "star" but there is nothing about any of my guitars, strings, amps and or effects i do not know or rely on someone else for.. thats part of the love and enjoyment
- framus666 -

Shoutout to the homie with Hopesfall shirt. And wow, what a total waste of a signature model, NEIL.
- Simeon Huntsman -

Explosions in the Sky possibly?
- Boss Metal Zone -

Why is it 1000 bucks and made in Indonesia? Thought the decent ltd’s were made in Korea
- Michael Gilmore -