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All goofy shit they was doin with the jewelry hold that L
- mo hodges -

- Edrina Burnette -

What a Terrible game.
- Supreme dawgo -

I dont get the states florida is a state in usa and maimi is a city in florida say what
- erick avalos -

I love my canes, no matter what, we played good, but I have to say, this was some bad tackling, but I definitely see us beating the gators

Go Miami
- Ashley Bell -

Who else is a fan of the gators there better the stupid Miami!
- Billy and Molly Sawyer -

0:30 so we just gonna ignore that hold on number 2 (bottom left corner)
- spell i cup -

Miami started off great we just got sloppy
- Adrien Estrada -

War eagle
- Eric Smith -

These sorry ass mf’s think they’re about to march into death valley and beat LSUπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they are going to get absolutely throttled
- No I’m Dirty Dan! -

Lol that black guy thought he was so hard wearing those rings when we literally won that’s karma for being cocky
- Zooxn -

4 turnovers
3 pass interferences
Like 20 missed tackles and Florida still won.
That shows how Miami almost got lucky and won
- Dalton Denmark -

Worst game ever but still go Gators🐊🐊
- Tiffany Potter King -

Everyone's all hyped up over Florida but at the end of the day Miami did show what was up, Florida Gators have a long way to go still
- Christopher R.R84 -

Man I love Miami football but why are we so bad for the last 19 years I mean come on all that talent in Miami they need to get recruits to want to go there I'm disappointed we should be good almost every year
- Tim Gloeckler -

Football is so Entertaining 🐊
- Quianna Cox -

Uh...Fighting Gators and Hurricanes are improving but national title contenders in next 2-3 years !!
- Main Man -

Martell would have won this game.
- Jay Lunar -

Lol, football fans sometimes kill me. First off...week 0, Second...rivalry! Turnovers, tackling sucked. Yall are correct sloppy.....A win is a frickin win. Miami came to play, Gators won. I give both teams respect. So ummmm, if your not a Gator or Cane fan.....leave us the hell alone! I bet Miami will surprise many teams this year. Yes, Florida get your act together. Other than that.....GO GATORS! GREAT GAME MIAMI !
- Taylor McDonald -