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This song always makes me think of the gameplay trailer for the game Journey. I bought the game instantly afterwards and what a beautiful, touching experience it was.
- D Man -

thank you KRAY
- McAllister Museum -

I'll listen to this while warming up for a run.
- Kurt Meister -

This plays right after Mario & Vidis "I'll be gone".
- Jake Johnson -

a walk don't die wondering
- eric bryant -

El rels B se robo la rola :^(
- Alexxx -

84fly - kush high
- Steven Sandoval -

Codeine Tears in her Fanta !
- Loner Sins 。 -

Intj's club
- here adam -

may have missed one: ... your welcome :) .
- Mr Hexadus -

Adventure in solitude
- Mike Brown -

- Faal Feel -

When the heart is heavy the bass must match the tone
- orlando lopez -

damn Ryan Caraveyo used this in one of his songs, it's fuckin awesome
- mrreginator -

Any time I get overwhelmed, anxious, sad, mad, anything. This is what my peace sounds like
- Mackenzie Cole -

This song makes Tycho who they are. Whether in nature or in your room, your mind will take you through a journey without fail. Tycho's music brings me peace, and ultimately, influence to take in everything I can. For time is fleeting, so relish in it.
- Jarrod R -

Top 3 songs of inner peace/Moving on in life:
1. Out of this world, by the art of noise
2. Guts theme, by Berserk
3. A walk, by Tycho

1 sounds like forgiveness
2 sounds like acceptance
3 sounds like a fresh new mind, open to new adventure
- Kid Blast7 -

Oliver yeenreally
- DiosNINJA戸村 -

One of my favorites from Tycho
- Friend of Jesus -

Oh man sounds so beautiful so lovely .makes me sleepy
- Ariel Ruh -