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I love this this is the best song I have ever heard.
- Joann Miller -

I miss my walks with you.
- Alec Cope -

| dru . . . if you’re here . . . calm yourself . . . give yourself the credit you deserve . . . know that you’ve got this . . . okay ?
- Toni Carter -

This reminds me of someone I use to love..waited for years for him to seriously committed and live together as a family..I will always love this guy
.sucks that it's been over for years and I'm just realizing it..I will always love this guy..we have kid together
.sucks cause I wanted a family so bad....and this
Music reminds me of when we first met ❤😪😭😭
- little plastech mixtress -

If anyone has a PS4, please play “Hohokum”. I randomly came across this song and realized it’s from that game. 😱 Coincidence!!
- Motoko Kusanagi -

Sometimes we need a break from society.
- The Joker -

My way is full of light 🌈☀️!
I really like this music and this picture of dawn 🎨🖼️ !
- Svetlana Danilova 888 -

My dope taste in music brought me here
- Kuasha Ahmed -

On Garry's mod, I play this everytime on gm_abstraction_extended on the little box that hovers around.It's so amazing and so fitting for a beautiful paradise.
- The Icyspy -

Lean tears in her fanta when i met like whyy
- shining weed castle -

This song is great at 2x speed as well.
- Stunts Republic -

Is there a name for people who like this music???
- Taka Powell -

- term3092 -

lean tears in her fanta when i met her like whyyyy
- Knuckle Dragger -

I listened to this song when I had my first bad trip. Needless to say, I overcame that anxious feeling and had a great time after. Crazy how quickly beautiful sounds can change someone's perspective so quickly.
- Pugnastyy -

similar to machinarium ost
- ahuachapan2 -

Will Smith
- Connor Gorman -

saw this live at resonance and nearly cried through the whole set because of how beautiful it was.
- ewc246 -

More proof that God is real
- Amelia Vilsaint -

- numberguts -