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This song is so great. Didn't deserve the flop :/
- Arthur Aaron -

We Sprint's Disney's The Lion King
Spirit From Disney's The Lion King
Gold Can Sprint Can Let's Go Home Spirit Disney's The Lion King
Let's GO home
Sprint Disney's The Lion King
Sprint Disney's The Lion King
Gold Sprite Disney Look Close
- Srividhya Athinarayanan -

Soy yo la única persona pensar q la película Lion King 2019 burla de Dios.? Todo el narrativo de Scar (lucifer, más intelegente q Dios) celoso de Simba (el hijo de Dios <<Mufasa>>) y esta canción hablando del gran Yo Soy (como dice la biblia, muchas veces). Wow
- Seth Mundall -

woah you can't compare lady gaga to beyonce. lady gaga has generated more money than beyonce because she has music in separate semantics.
- Sports Are For Women -

Jesus. Oh can't yu hear me calling I love and honor yu.
- angedeklerk -

- Juan Roberto tellez -

This song is so beautiful 😍 I just wish it was in the credits and not in the scene where Simba was returning to Pride Rock, but I still thought that it was great 💙
- SheWolf Warrior -

Rise of the guardians Halloweentown minipop kids movie music soundtrack spirit from the lion king 2019
- Brittany Ortiz -

- iara araujo -

- Author K Wells -

It should've gotten more attention :/
- Arthur Aaron -

The Lion king 2019 jungle book lion guard minipop kids movie music soundtrack spirit
- Brittany Ortiz -

Everyone loves this song but not "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" Why?
- STO_1601 -

This is my second favorite song of the movie. My first is "Circle of Life."
- Annabeth Higgins -

This is a big sh...t. As the movie. 😓
- Zoltán Rák -

Busa Simba had way more soul and power than this nonsense of a song that had no place in the greatest film of all time.
- PhoenixFox -

Beauty ♥️♥️♥️
- Romann Nazarov -

This should be nominated for an oscar for best original song
- Luke Spillman -

This is the perfect song for Sunset Shimmer!☀️❤️
- Marc Santiago -

I watched the movie and this was my fave song in the whole movie!
- Kamaria The lioness -