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This song is so powerful!
- Matthew White -

My 1,000th time listening to this song 🔥
- Genny Vlogs -

- Jojo GodChild -

This song represent my inner spirit!!! 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
- Pacho 1581 -

Essa música não sai da cabeça!!! DIVA BEYONCE
- Leide Katlen Pereira -

am i the only who thinks that this song doesnt fit in the movie?
- GianiV_Games -

For the 4.1k who unliked this song I would love no know your reasons🧐 this is such an amazing song. It’s been a tough time for me lately and when I heard first heard this song I was like “wow” “there’s so much more to life than what I’m going after” absolutely godly and powerful. Beyoncé has a voice that no one else ever will. It’s amazing that the human body can display such an amazing sound.
- Joci Grier -

4.1 k. people normani lovers that dislike video.. frick her new dang son motivation.. norMANi will never Bey Beyonce
- Moriah Angel Nakai we are Lambily TSOSIE Tanaka -

Queeeeeenn!! I love you!! 👑👑👑👑❤️🔥
- Revisões Renan -

brings me to tears every time.
- Gigi Banks -

- Naomi Spence -

YOU do nala so well 😍🦁
- Chloe Mahoney -

when the miracles happen
- duckky dolittle -

If Beyoncé doesn’t voice Sandstorm in the Warrior Cats movie then what’s the fuckin point
- Umbra The Raptor -

Música linda, inspiração!
- Rebeca Beck -

Who else thought Nala in the pic was just Beyoncé’s hair 🤣🤣?
- Ultr0n1x -

Who would put a thumbs down this its so beautiful.💗❤💗
- Savannah Simmerman -

My Friend Lashay loves Beyonce So Much! She is Really Hoping on day she will meet her! I asked her what will she do if she will meet her one day she said " I Will Not Be Able To Not Talk! I Will Scream And Hug Her!" This is her favorite song she listens to it every time she is at my house! Love ya! One Day I hope you will meet her Beyonce! She will really love it! If you don't see this comment it's okay but it will really make her dream come true!💕😀😄🦁
- It's me Sosha -

Wowwww I love it amazing
- Sebastian Pawlik -

4000 hyenas disliked this
- Angelcreature -