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Herman Legend!! Rip guitar.
- Beto Becerra -

Thats why metal rules
- Georgios Kaketsis -

The red t-shirt concession man was a bit pissed off, mind.
- Chris Wills -

2:38 the guy in the raspberry
- DjEnTyBoi -

Lol, this looks so silly
- OdaKa -

Herman Li's guitar solo is great!!!
- Axecutioner - BanG Dream! Bandoriclips -

Holy cow. Imagine carrying herman through a pool while he plays a solo. Unforgettable!!! Boring crowd though, I guess rich snobs? How wasn't the crowd not flipping out???
- RoxxSerm -

I liked the place where the keyboardist and vocalist were there....🤘 🤘
- Mosa Konyak -

Herman know how to make party rocks
- Rubi Herwin -

Toki Wartooth would be proud.
- John Miller -

Shredding with your head underwater with your guitar on your head... that’s just... wow
- Trav-Dawg -

i was always thinking that these guys are fake but I ve seen him alive he is so fast
- Seth Black -

Herman you are the best!!
- Mario Abelayras -

Man, how the swimmers get close to him at the edge of the pool is so gay
- Jon Gee -

Simplemente es herman lee es único
- Jose Barranco -

How did those 2 get up on the rigging playing his keytar

Já era a guitarra mano kkkkk
- Dolly Pistolaço #CG100K -

4:05 oof
- swat -

Is noone gonna mention someone slapped him in the face
- DATTT DARK6574 -

Not a female in sight
- A B Bikes Cars N’ Guitars -