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I feel like everyone knows it won't be his first time
- Rod Brown -

When your walking in public and someone coughs behind you 0:19
- 5K subs with no vids? -

When the fart you’ve been holding all day slips out during exams 0:19
- Skidians -

- Fishy Is Cool -

Am I trippin or is this the same instrumental from gods eyes Roddy Ricch cuz they sound very similar
- xl DubJr lx -

I was able to get rid of my herpes virus with herbal medicine prepare by Dr. Osaoji on YouTube
- fortune Hank -

Bro Kevin gates
- Sheldyn Robb -

This shit really hurts when you going through this shit 💯🤦🏽
- gio vanni -

I Love Rod Wave
- RayWorld Djayy -

shunni you shit cream with that thief in the night you caked south in your San Francisco and Atl basketball wives nightmares return my computer and Presidential phones
- Derodney Degrate -

when you get a bad roll in monopoly but nobody notices: 1:14
- itz_jrdan -

0:19 when YouTube moves the comments to the Top
- Icantseeyou -

Rod waves song go hard
- King22muchh -

We were around scrap date is before you get to the vendor
- Unikkee Foster -

“Made her fall in love then begged for distance, she told me that I’m wrong for that” felt that In my soul...
- Rae Lynn -

- Colin Dubose -

0:19 when riots, corona, and racism in 2020 but you realize the year isn't even over

´sech´ estado unidense
- Lєαgυє OF . EXE -

0:19 an artist when their song gets leaked

Lil Brasian on all Music platforms it's fire I swear
- Clown Rapper -

Go listen to... young go - on ma mental promise you its heat
- Isaiah Tahaafe -