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- johnnychase -

I once heard this album on acid. In the middle of the desert next to a fire. It was freezing, I was in love with the girl in front of me in the fire, in the night. Just a creepy dude.
- Science of Self -

Raise your kids with this music and they'll turn great lovers when they grow.
- Ataque Paroxístico -

Is the beggening also the end ??? same magical and creepy song! it's the circle of life haha!
- Aline krasznai -

i heard this album this year.2020 . and i thought it was from 2020 until I realized this was from 20 years ago. timeless. masterpiece
- dot bot -

First heard this when it came out in 2000 (I was 22 years old). Still an amazing album twenty years later.
- Roberto Di Leonardo -

It's a monumental record. The atmosphere, the vibe, the's magical. I think it's perfect for city living, but then it's perfect for anything really.
- Illuminated Skeletons -

Thank you! One of my favourite albums
- Gabriel Anahel -

Siempre voy a estar agradecido de estos seres creadores de la mejor compañía musical que le pudieron brindar al oído humano 👏💞👂
- xx x -

always looking for some exellent music to go along with to those meth marathon fuck sessions with my girl😈
- friki71 -

2-15-20 👍 👍 😆
- Paul Bunyon -

Whys it taken till 2019 for this to find me? And why am i listening to it while welding up a car?
- the ravedaddy -

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- Sumara Marie Buchanan -

- x dreamy -

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- Tyler Louis Kuretich -

poifect halloween prep music.
- Marcella Obdrzalek -

Great upload thanks :)
- Obudai Stricy -

I disagree. I much prefer reggae or drum and bass. At least you can get a really sweet rhythm when you are digging the grave with a spade. Notice the way I deliberately avoided the word shovel.
- Smartass1liner -

desert island downtempo album
- SouthernSky -

un buen 🐔de weed 😎y escuchar todo este álbum, es LO MAS CHINGÓN del mundo!! jajaj 🥰
- Marisol Davidovich -