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- johnnychase -

poifect halloween prep music.
- Marcella Obdrzalek -

Great upload thanks :)
- Obudai Stricy -

I disagree. I much prefer reggae or drum and bass. At least you can get a really sweet rhythm when you are digging the grave with a spade. Notice the way I deliberately avoided the word shovel.
- Smartass1liner -

desert island downtempo album
- SouthernSky -

un buen 🐔de weed 😎y escuchar todo este álbum, es LO MAS CHINGÓN del mundo!! jajaj 🥰
- Marisol Davidovich -

Does anyone here know the lyrics to Elitsa or where I can find them?
- denveraspen -

A brilliant work. Timeless.
- Joseph Coniglio -

Minute 18:25 a voice say "Un par de tetas jalan más que un par de tetas" it means "a pair of tits pull more than a pair of (horse) carts" WTFFFF???
- Miguel Irarrazaval -

- Fu Jao -

Uwielbiam. Dziękuję.
- juliazwei -

Kruder and Dorfmeister for some of the most seminal music of the mid/late 90s but didn’t Richard do well going solo! Love this album xxx
- Ruari Allaway-Dickens -

Que algo mais belo.

Sexy as fuck tunes
- Mark Teo -

Minute 18:27 - "Un par de tetas hablan mas que dos pares de tetas"
Nailed it! Ahahahah! !
- Leandro Angelino -

Maybe the best trip-hop set ever . Working the flo -jo ain,t you !
- Erik Kerpetenoglu -

I am fortunate that I found this !!!!!
- Center Coast Video -

Fav ✌✌
- lookapi -

I didn't intend to but song no. 7, Boss on the boat, made me move my body uncontrollably and I just couldn't stop.
- Ninad Sethi -

- Valentina Toso -