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Get rid of Kathleen Kennedy. She sucks
- John Degen -

IG-88 was destroyed in bespin by Boba Fett during the empire strikes back. The droid in the mandalorian is IG-11
- Jacob Duren -

They ruined the Star Wars story line, what makes you think they are not going to ruin this.
- judd liliha -

Actually ig88 died in empire strikes back that's ig11
- Sponge lord -

Still no news about when Disney+ comes to the U.K. I have heard that it maybe March 2020, why so late after it's initial release?
- Philly Tee -

I remember when Mr. Lucas said he was working on a live action TV show many years ago.
- Ivory Poet -

Why Cassium why not do a old republic series
- Tevya Smolka -

Arrested Development scene ❤💯
- Vince Mesa / Boogie -

IG11... not IG88
- Goose Harris -

more lucas ripped off material,,nothing new

Watch it? You assume to much. Star What? is dead!
- Liomii -

Or better known as Jango-- roughly 25 Italian Jango movies were made, check out "the stranger's gundown"
- j s -

They have already rehashed underworld to the rouge one series! There good at doing that! LOVE from Australia
- Jamie Kelly -

Mandalorian? you mean cloneoooorian, right?
- Desy UK -

Aside from Kennedy I like the look of this.
- Mike OB1 -

What You Need To Know Before You Watch The is going to be woke as s**t, pushing agenda down our gobs before we have time to take a gulp of air?
- RobMacRay -

I love getting ads mid sentence
- Joe Chabot -

The only thing i needed to know was that Bill Burr was in it...

Ps. am i the only one really hoping they use the Vode An theme in the show ?
- RedRam Ipsen -

Staring Santa Clause!!!
- LYNX777 -

- Rodel Pastime -