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Did he just say Razor Quest ?? hahaha | "Razor Crest"
- Jefferson Apgar -

How does this take place after the return of the jedi? Yoda was in the clone wars and that takes place before then....I'm so confused

What you need to know ? Watch Clone Wars and Rebels
- Shado Vao -

Oooh is new show wows!
- Zoe meow -

You dont need to know anything in this video before watching the show
- willi -

You need to fire your self,
- Hawk -

Just watch the OG trilogy and Mandalorian
- Samuel Levi Rocha -

best known for Happy Gilmore's coach!
- Sawedoffsob -

I'm sure somebody else has already said that, but Favreau did not direct "Swingers", Doug Liman did.
- Mapios Koloni -

This video did A LOT of assuming. Definitely needs to be redone with more accurate information
- Nobody -

I came here for info about Star Wars lore I need to know before watching the series, and I learned absolutely nothing except who directed it and what Disney Channel proposes.... Useless video
- comateur -

Giancarlo Esposito as 'a Tie fighter pilot' 🤣🤣🤣🤣
- BrantheBroken -

Ewww katherine Kennedy
- Dakoya -

2:13 man she is beautiful what I'll do to get her in my bed..
- Chris O -

this show is stacked af Disney ain't playin
- HAL 9000 -

What you need to do to make a video a few seconds longer than 10 minutes.
- Jintaro Kensei -

Me: *thinks I'll get an explanation for the background/set up before watching Mandalorian.
Video: Irrelevant background information. Totally misnamed video
- 7LeopardStar -

Я из будущего у нас там маленький Йода ,мандалорец снял шлем , чёрный меч в конце , у мандалорца джетпак вобще всех с наступающим Новым Годом !

PS: благодарю за 40 лайков
- Андрей К -

Хэй а Looper это Looper Россия ?
- Андрей К -

I would suggest you make a version without talking about the cast or who made it, but then you wouldn't be able to monetize a 1 minute video.
- Nickname -