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Definitely not IG-88, but okay.
- Chris Mack -

Will "Song of the South" be on disney plus too?
- Mr. VW O' Day -

Why am I looking forward to this WAAAAY more than episode 9???
- agochoa -

Rogue One was very influenced by Akira Kurosowa, specifically The Hidden Fortress and Seven Samurai. That's a good thing, I should add.
- Phil Anderson -

Another Stars Wars story with no Jedi and no light sabers. This will fail like the others.
- Curly From Curly NSW -

Isn’t bill burr in this?
- faruk celik -

When they said Kathleen Kennedy..... I went to find a quiet place to plan taking out all of the people who ruin our lives like her. Kathleen Kennedy has destroyed every thing she has touched.
- Destroyer Venom -

Harvey Weinstein
- sargent sausages -

What about the mandaclorien ?
- Amber Abalama -

OOO a new SW series! Oh nother streaming sub,nvm
- Lippy hungstocking -

6.99 for Disney+ compared to 14.99 for Netflix. Well, that's a no brainer. I'll be dropping Netflix after Witcher.
- Harv Begal -

Not getting another subscription
- Braxton Curry -

I Thought it worth mentioning that Mandalorian lore goes deeper in the Star Wars Universe in KoToR. They played a pivotal role in almost bringing down the old Republic 2000 years before the events in the Empire and First Order. Eventually they were defeated in the Jedi civil war by Revan (later Darth Revan and Darth Malak) which brought the re-emergence of the Sith Empire from the unknown regions in the galaxy, further plunging the old Republic into another war, the Sith Wars finally came to an end century(s) later, and the Rule of Two was enforced under Darth Bane right up too Lord Sidious and Darth Vader. (There was no longer an army of force sensitive dark Jedi's).
The Mandalorians never recovered their glory days and there was never a strong Mandalore leader to lead them. (In the novels Jango Fett refused the honour being their best champion and all). They scattered to the winds as bounty hunters since the Jedi civil war.
Hope people find this helpful. Its more than likely Disney will re-write the lore though ?
- Democritus8181 -

i feel like the hired carl weathers because morons dont know the difference between him and billy d williams
- Charles Xavier -

werner hertzog is the best thing about this
- Charles Xavier -

Wait what this isn’t a film?? It’s a series ...
- The Yorkshire Lad -

Do the men have vaginas? The women penises? Star Wars is so cucked.....
- Jack Long -

Plus is Dave Feloni minus Kennedy, will see just how badly they mess this up.
- Reepacheirp firewalker -

Dope and Man in the High Castle are NOT some of the best dramas on TV, they are terrible and boring shows.
- Drewski J -

1. Don’t diddle children!
- Chris Caldwell -