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soul shaking song
this song is more relevant in 2019 than in any other time
a song that makes you question everything about life
a gem that enters your soul and never leaves

society is programmed slavery
there's no greater pain
than the pain that's caused by society
happiness is only real when shared
a simple life outside of society is priceless
wake up peolpe is not the answer
go outside and get naked
back too our roots๐Ÿ˜Š

I think if I ever was going to separate from society it would be how chris chose too
I would head Into the wilderness to become one with nature
and to find the purpose of life how ever long that would take
and live a life of no bullshit or money
just be completely self sufficient and if I died along the way, so be it
atleast I died a happy woman ๐Ÿ˜Š

forgive, breathe, & just be
peace & hope
- Mariska kalinka D -

- Likna Galdr -

This is good stuff reminds me of Chris Cornellโ€™s higher truth. They both are amazing artists.
- Craig T -

- Felipe Santos -

I think negative bots are a myth I think real people sit behind screens spewing venom and hate, I think whatโ€™s attached to their energy dictates them to be horrible humans, music is God made. Like math it must take a lot of head banging to innovate and move past the mundane, hating beautiful is like hating air or water or a gratifying bowel movement, nothing more then a hymn all that adorns the earth. Donโ€™t hate, create.
- Reium Abbasi -

In freedom there is no force to contribution , just don't forget your day job or you'll be liven on the streets , there is no freedom without freewill to make material sustenance an art to occupation in appreciation to any contribution for a better world of equality
- DrFruedienslipJr -

Eddie has it wrong here - "Kinda like you're starting from the top.... And you can't do that". We all begin as pure, organic, beings of love. We all do start at the top - at the apex of our humanity. It's that which we lose as we grow, that we try to fill with false desires. Love this song, and society.... IS a crazy breed... here's to hoping they're not lonely... without me.
- Jay Marley -

Now when everybody else is gone, please please please, keep yourself save, Eddie.
- HuileEceite -

This is beatiful
- Oskar Jarneving -

WE ALL ARE society. BE the change you want to see in the world. No need to escape to the wild. Free your mind right there where you are planted and make a difference!
- ju le -

2019 :0 e ainda tem gente que escuta isso...
piada, sou mais a rekayd
- JP Gurgel Bernardo -

As a human race we have some difficult introspection to complete. Having tough conversations is never easy but so vitally necessary. We must ask ourselves whether we wish to continue our existence in the current way or whether we want to last as a species long term. We canโ€™t have it both ways unfortunately.
- Michael Rutherford -

tears in my eyes
- Riet Vanslembrouck -

What's with the ffffff's in the subtitles?
- Misanthrop -

This tune helped me realise what will be will be... A love lost. A freedom exchanged
- ewins6 -

WILD 'man' HAIR, SUIT TROUSERS and no shoes - sooooooooooooooooooooo SEXY
- Amanda EvePhotographie -

All I can say is... Wwwwwow, did this song ever so resonate in me. And I cannot believe I am now just now hearing this 7-8 yrs after it's release..., recommended by a friend who knew I would appreciate it as I do. Bravissimo!!!!
- Jo Rossi -

Work in retail Eddie
- Wes Metcalf -

- Alberto Ribeiro -