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- Fine Folk Music -

Dude ate some poison berries or starved or some shit. What a dumbass.
- XX sXX -

I left society and went off grid. Hope your not lonely without me...
- American Survival -

- Andrew Marshall -

fuck man ...the one who wrote who wrong that song is just a great artist
- Manjeet Singh -

Matt Horwich!
- Polish Power -

I just randomly came here and stayed
- mahtab tonmoy -

🤟 Eddy the legend! These lyrics tho! Powerful and true. Humans are crazy. Some say intelligence is a gift and makes human « superior » than all species on the planet.... well, the world would be a better place if evolution stopped with the monkeys...
- FrankyboyFloyd -

Great song... Im quitting my job tomorrow, everytime Eddie says the word Society in the lyrics I replace it with my employers name hahaha works perfect LOL
- Dani Silva -

- Trump 2020 -

Quem é Brasileiro da um salve aí ✌️

- meow um -

Esse cara canta muito Pearl jam
- Jose Erikson -

Great song from
a fantastic album
- Robert Wiesler -

You don't have to go to Alaska to find yourself. The world is big. And theres more.
- chemical mike -

Society = suicide idea ! Hope you're not angry if I do not agree. You will never get me how hard this can be !
- Valérie. B -

i hope you're not lonely without me.. society
- jumhaiso manyu -

Without people like Chris McCandless, the world is indeed a lonelier place. To paraphrase Dostoevsky, An idiot cannot survive in this world, but the world needs an idiot in order to survive.
- James Tressler -

we live in a world of confusion only gets worse if we do not address over population through a better education unless of course if we wanted it to all end some how in the future when it all runs out of resources
- DrFruedienslipJr -

Is that photo real!? got a be photoshop
- v savage -