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- Fine Folk Music -

Dedicated for my lovely son... Muhammad zahran putra wibawa Allah SWT with you 💙
- Boni Wibawa -

This song is very relevant in our beloved country 🇮🇳 (INDIA)
- Ayub Shah -

We live in a society
- Guilherme Ferreira -

Yep you can tell he's a free sprit from the shoes he's not wearing.
Yep He's quitting society soon just let him spend all his money.

(It's gonna take some time though: 2018 net worth 90 millions)
- G. C. -

- sean birdy -

Omg 8 yrs since it was uploaded
- Christina Nicol -

Eddie, I have no words to describe how much I love you, thank you for that beautiful soul you have ❤🌟🎶
- sirena varada vedder -

meaningless life in a lifeless place
- ahmed el bedoui -

Although Eddie did not write this song, he performed it beautifully.
- skids marquee -

Que música incrível❤
- Vitória Lima -

I was here.
- Nazmul Hasan -

Brasil 🇧🇷?
- éven Soares -

Puts Vedder in that long line of American folk brilliance. The simplicity of the guitar solo can break your heart.
- Gino Furzi -

This makes a pleasant change for Eddie. It still works.
- Susan Moran -

Every time I hear this song it comes to my mind how deeply I'm tied to the society he sings about. But it also comes to my mind how much I wouldn't untie, I've spent so long time hating it that I ended up by loving it, as the end of Orwell's '1994'.
- oleg olnev -

"Only soulless people disliked this👎"
- Sunny -

When Eddie will be lonley!
- Jimmy Wooten -

lindo demais.
- maria jose magalhaes -

Eddie, you hear the society and what language.they speak.
- Rivu Ghosh -