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The best of all time.
- Sean PM -

This is simply masterful, the band at its creative peak, really.....
- I, Jupiter -

dont remember if i told you but first time i herd this song i was exiting wpg mb driving away from pemina hyway down number three highway in the back seat of a 69 skylark buick , my best friend brian lutz was driving and his cousin was sittin side him, i had now herd the most exciting sound i had ever heard, i further dam near made another friend buy said album, he did not want to buy it, but after he did he said the same thing i did .... it is the best thing i ever herd
- dwayne lucier -

whats the song they start playin at the end
- Ike E -

Idc who you are, when he starts singing at 1:20 that shit slaps
- M -

A true masterpiece.  Sends chills down my spine with every listen.
- Rick Krasner -

Sorceress of madness selling me time...
- Victor Rodriguez -

Not quite the thick Brummie apes they were portrayed as were they!
The best live band I ever saw at the Odeon in Birmingham.
- pauljohnson7may -

Sabbath's finest track.
Prove me wrong.
- Jerry Muzak -

Sorcerers of madness
Selling me their time
Child of god sitting in the sun
Giving peace of mind
Fictional seduction
On a black snow sky
Sadness kills the superman
Even fathers cry
Of all the things I value most of all
I look inside myself and see
My world and know that it is good
You know that I should
Superstitious century
Didn't time go slow
Separating sanity
Watching children grow
Synchronated undertaker
Spiral skies
Silver ships on plasmic oceans
In disguise
Of all the things I value most in life
I see my memories and feel their warmth
And know that they are good
You know that I should
Watching eyes of celluloid
Tell you how to live
Metaphoric motor-replay
Give, give, give
Laughter kissing love is showing me the way
Spiral city architect
I build, you pay
Of all the things I value most of all
I look upon my earth and feel the warmth
And know that it is good
You know that I should
You know that I should
You know that I should
You know that I should
You know that I should
- Jerry Muzak -

I sat back that one summer morning after smoked a log. And listened to the words close. Was 1987. One of the best songs to feel like you belong. Which we all do family
- John Dickerson -

Damn I fkn love LSD.😳
- Ted Nugent -

I wish someone would delete the mellotron and upload it.
- Ipostle -

- zerodisu I -

Beautifull song......

Original lineup Sabbath transcended what later became known as metal much more,
- Oldsongsnew -

One of their best.
Awesome acoustic guitar intro
- Kevin Kinnu -

These lyrics are the best when you think about people's parents who thought Ozzy was the devil lmao
- Collin Aldridge -

This one and planet caravan go hand in hand.
- Some Guy -

epic thank you.
is this about viktor schauberger?
- daronius subdeviant -