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Sweat equals tone
- david willey -

One of my old friends had his '59 gold top LP stolen from his car. Another old friend had his '59 Strat stolen from his car, then replaced it with a new Strat - which was later also stolen from his car along with a new large Fender amp. Do not leave valuable equipment unattended in your car for any reason.
- Bob Aldo -

The 'strat into speaker' incident is well documented, check out Mad Season gig at the moore 1995, last part of 'November hotel'... He did a lot more to the poor strat than he says :P But what a great show that is :o some of the best guitar work ever !
- antibejbi -

Only things of 1959 in SRV's Strat was the pickups and volume & tone pots installed in a '63 body w/a '62 neck.
- B. Rod Clark -

1959? That's a lot of guitars! Who needs that many?

- Matthew Klein -

the the 59 strat, belonged to Dawayne Bailey, when he was playing for Bob Seger, Bob didnt like the sound of the strats and called a guy down from a guitar shop in St. Louis to show Dawayne some Gibsons to pick out, he didnt have the money to outright buy it, so he traded the 59 strat for it, however he removed the tone knob before giving it up and he made a necklace from it that he wore the rest of his time with Seger as protest in his own way. It wasnt until he saw a pic of it upclose noticed the tone knob and noticed the scratches and what not on it that he knew that was his guitar. Last I heard from him he was trying to find a way to reach out to Mike to give him the original tone knob back as he still has it.
- JaySchraubMusic -

Corona deal: three packet of toilet paper for the Strat ?🤪🤪🤪
- Damien R -

I had a double cut away with double p90s... I was originally gonna buy an SG but the sound was far better than any other guitar I played...that was under 1000 bucks
- Tomoko in 4k -

I thought he owned 1,959 guitars
- Grayson Rushton -

Famous people need to be more like this,hes humble and just sincere
- Chris Bauman -

This man is one of my go to guitarists when looking for some sort of inspiration. Mike and Stone are a pair of guitarists that we are very fortunate to be able to experience. Rare breed.
- Mike PJ10 -

Jesus! aside from the grey hair he hasn't aged!!!
- Thomas Zonkowski -

I'm all SOUND cloud stream forevermore.
- Cynthia Corcoran -

Love that Strat
- Dezcore09 -

Pearl Jam will go down as the greatest American Rock Band mark my words. McCready is such a tasteful player.
- Strictly Herping -

McCready is one of guitar genius in rock history..
- Fariza Shafiyah -

wow danny's music so cool
- psiklops71 -

Lol at 4:30 "P90 hello?" What an unpretentious down-to-earth guy. I remember seeing him often in Uptown Espresso in South Queen Anne coming for coffee in probably 1994, just shooting the shit with the baristas. Low-key wonderful Seattle.
- Wage Freedom -

How many 1959 Gibson Les Pauls are out there? 12 million?
- Ded Boi -

It's a dog-eared P90.
- michael hermanson -