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Is this the Bruno Mars version of the song
- Phred Henson -

WOW made my day.
- Rex M -

"Holy Mac Sheehan" - This is Great ! You Guys are Super Great !!
Ditto "Stratus" that I just listened to...
Glad I found Your Band !!
- James Alfred -

So you take a song that John wrote about his dying mother and use it at your own concert.. Classy.
- throathammer1 -

So love it
- Ber Tii Berti 89 -

This is like an orgasm for my ears. I fucking love the King of Keys.
- Jacen Roberts -

Cuando escucho lo virtuosos que son. Siento inspiración y ganas de seguir practicando. When I listen to the virtues of these musicians, I just want to keep practicing. 🤘🎸🎵🎼
- William Candray -

Derek!!! :-)
- jlucasound -

From kalimantan

- Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández -

The Big 4!!!
- Javier Socarras -

2:50 music-gasm
- Thomas McBride -

Pork fried rice how many
- Blim Ster -
- dario wever -

This was a disrespect to Jhon! at least respect the first notes of the solo and then do your thing!! I love you Tony but this was unfair!
- Marvin Arias -

To everyone arguing over who's the better or best guitarist, move on. Everyone has their own opinion. Also, millennials have no business chiming in. They are completely useless and brainless. Fucking sheep.
- Ryan Mcneila -

5:40 i dont know but mc apline always playing messy in live

If you need to hear MacAlpine being the genius emotionally satisfying player that he is just reference his guitar solo on Live From Oz. What an amazing player!
- Maxx Doran -

Virtuosismo en cada instrumento, sentimiento en cada música!!! Un regalo para todos nosotros y nosotras.
- Maximo Cabanas -

Bass sound to low..
- Etb S -