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This scene isn't in the movie and it is better than 99% of it.
- monokhem -

Terrible acting.
- Iceman -

This scene wasn't in the movie and this trailer looked so promising. The movie was just good, but not as expected.
- Kyriakos Georgiades -

Whos here after noticing this scene aint even in the movie
- Porras 36 -

you're like, ... my hero man

- shinjinobrave -

Well its unfortunate this scene isnt here
- Kobi -

You turned Jessie Pinkman into an O'Driscoll?!! Dutch will be disappointed.. Micah is pleased.. And I am ...
- Mojo THC Joe -

A true friend...
- darkwind the deity -

Skinny was the real MVP in el camino😍❤👏
- marlene rj -

El Camino should have shown whereabouts of Walter jr,Skyler and how cute and beautiful Holly had become 😔 just a glimpse !
- Aacis Pacquiao Subba -

Well I guess Pete Better Call S.....oh...
- masterzombie161 -

Game of Thrones was so bad, Vince decided to show them how it's all properly done, a second time...
Thank you Vince Gilligan, for knowing how to write
- Stanley Shady -

10.11.19 is November 10, you idiots! 11 Oct is 10/11/19 or 11.10.19. Get your shit together!
- Gusto -

I loved the movie ,loved it ,loved it so much, so good to see them all again and so glad Jesse made it out to Alaska. Woohooo.
- Just look at the Flowers -

North, east, west, south, MEXICO (breadcrumbs)

Skinny Pete too da real MVP...
- Johnny Wu -

Wow now I know why he is being questioned. I loved the movie.
- Crappy_Ponies -

Now, this makes sense.
- Keiwinn Mitchell -

Totally pointless, but on mobile the 11 in 10.11.19 matches up perfectly with the pause button
- Michael Chen -

So did they make this scene specifically as a teaser? It seems pretty far removed from the plot of the movie to be a cut scene no? If it was just for the teaser I think that’s so cool, the marketing for this movie had me so hyped, no leaks nothing on imdb, sexy ass teasers like this. I had no idea this was even coming until a month ago? So exciting
- Nick Molnar -

This scene was never in the movie so my theory is.. Another movie to come involving Skinny Pete and some other characters
- mdnght -