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I didn't see this scene in movie
- aymyet ahmed -

"Wassup bi-o-tch"
- Ňəğāñ -

Wonder why YouTube is recommending this? 🤔
- yo momma -

That scene isn't in the movie...
- der Lean -

Thankful that Skinny got this scene out as a trailer at least. Much respect to the character and actor 👏
- Drey Galon -

But why these not found in the film !?
لمذا هذا المقطع غير موجود بالفلم ؟
- best of the world -

Dude... you’re my hero and shit
- The Real Creed Bratton -

Just going to finish season 4 can't wait to watch season 5
- Muhammad Hayyan -

old days 😔
- A5RSx -

Skinny Pete is the definition of a true friend, the world needs more people like him.
- The Jugglernaut -

Skinny Pete and badger turned out to be a lot better and loyal friends then I thought they would be. When they was both introduced I was like pick better friends Jesse they only hang out with you to use you for free drugs and money and the min you don't have it they won't be there for you...but then they turned around and had his back at every turn
- Jiggy fly -

Damn he is one of the best hitman west of Mississippi
- Aditya D'souza -

"spoiler" ending ride car to alaska yo, wait for part 2 yo
- oke deh -

I didn't seen this scene in El Camino.. whr it's from
- Navin Kumar -

Yo, Yo, Yo. 148, 3-To-The-3-To-The-6-To-The-9. Representin’ The ABQ. What Up, Bitch Leave It At The Tone!
- Charlie Qualter -

Better Call Saul now, finished season 5 now, waiting for season 6
- MGJ Beats -

I really excited of seeing this El Camino trailer.but I am more excited to see HeiSenberG in this series
- Ameer salam -

So sorry, I don't know what to tell you. No way I'm helping you people put Jessie Pinkman inside a cage.
- Ted Ted -

Just hope they let him keep the el camino
- ziggy stardust -

Jimmy Conway: "You learned the two greatest things in life, never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut"
- MrNuggetcake -