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Donald sampled Bootsy Collins. I’d rather be with you is the song title.
- nbadraft08 -

that bass like still has me shook
- isa! -

This song is so unique and godly like Jesus how did you create this beauty
- Tristen Lewis -

Ludwig is a genius for the 70’s vibe
- Hunter L -

All these other producers don’t compare to this man
- B SIDE -

In order to deconstruct redbone you have to deconstruct “I’d Rather Be With You” by Bootsy Collins, let’s start there lol
- Esther Franks -

I always wondered who made such a master piece now ik
- Matthew Cona -

The talent this man possesses is like 1000 versions of me put together
- i Zes -

it's nice to see that some of the producers not only rely on expensive equipment to produce their sound, but actual talent as well.
- El Basho -

Rhodes used a lot in the 70s? Hmm, listen to Come Together by the Beatles for some early cool grooves then. The solo. :P
- Adrian Mole -

he uses a ball mouse owo
- Zeemo -

Nice to see mr gambino bambino not doing any work whatsoever ever lol
- Nico Naro -

Its Nick Mira on ultra settings
- 率直不潔な -

Why he play play bass like he don’t know how to play bass
- Jared P -

Nothing but inspiration and respect. True musician... wow.
- Jay Kay -

He looks like he turned water into weed
- SB fugitive -

Bootsy Collins-Rather Be With You
- Trey Briggs -

Donald did fuck all
- 123Hurricane -

Them Bootsy Collins vibes
- Dont Play Rips -

Is he using logic or ableton?
- Mehmet Kaan Sanlı -