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love that you included drummers from different genres!
- Ingo Kolb -

same sitting experiment was done by me while practicing double pedal last 5day's finally I got the answer from you bro, thanks bro 🙏
- Satyajeet Raval -

This was great! Helps tremendously! I'll watch many times. Thanks so much!
- David Song -

I think that no-one of the player you show that seat lower than 90° using the technique you show,'cause you doing heal down and they use heal up!
- grindguz -

Erce! I got to get that t-shirt lol!
- Pertama Trading -

It was about time that someone started to speak about basic settings based on sitting, drum throne height and anatomical stuff. Its is needed to make research about physical injuries and playing music, muscles and nerves involved on playing, symptoms, consequences on plying and treatments available nowadays to get over it. I think that it is something that is really missing and it's absolutely necessary to pour some light over it. I've been and still I am a damaged drummer that goes ahead with his physical pain, carrying on years of frustration. And I know that I'm not the only one, that's for sure. It's time to start up a research about physical pathology of drumming and endurance through spending hours and hours practicing hard behind the drum kit. Keep up the good job!
- Ramsès Bruy Pérez -

I am going through such a slump right now with my double-bass. I feel like this is going to help. Thank you!
- Joseph Scarpino -

very professional vids will check the rest out
- ビッグ ドッグ -

Hey bro, great videos, appreciate all the straight forward ideas, proof, and great just to learn how to play better just over the couple weeks of watching! Especially the warm ups for double kick/etc. + the muscle cream surprising helps a lot & can play the double kick way longer & blast beats lol.

? * Have a question that has been hard to get any answers for awhile; would be greatly appreciate if you could help me out with deciding on "Drum Thrones" & bad backs? Just curious to what you think. Cause I recently got a "DW tricycle drum throne" for first time (usually just had kinda cheap Pearl normal thrones b4); however, have bad lower back (why sit up high, & toes to the pedal lol). Anyways, kinda curious if my "new" kind of throne is worse for my back and will make playing drums more difficult? Because starting to find it harder to sit as high and enough strength to build speed than b4, would a "Orange County D&P or a Pork Pie? And will it be possible it could be better for my playing style? Thank for reading & any feedback is much appreciated man!
- SeanNotTheFallen_XFORAEX -

Great video and it reminded me of the ending of this other video:
- MorgionX3 -

I am indebted to you for life!
- Michal kondrat.wrobel -

Thanks for the educational video :)
By the way, i would recommend you to make playlist for your youtube channel.
It would make subscribers easy to approach to your video. :)
Anyway, thank you !!
- Rim Joung Woo Official -

Great video! Very thorough explanation. Thanks!
- Glurbschnurb -

Great video,plenty of usefull information all through this video!so helpfull man,thank you
- Kate Chapman -

I've been trying to perfect this for years, and have found sitting higher than lower means I can hover and get less sore quads. However I still get very sore in the hips and know stretching and endurance are probably the most key factors! I've gone to a tractor style seat which has helped, hopefully I can use the tips from this to help further!
- Replicant Pedals -

Great videos! Thanks🤘
- welhodrum -

Amazing video !
- Ptr R -

I need that shirt
- Anthony Gordon -

Well, I have an office chair too, but not so fancy as you do - mine has non adjustable height, so I got used to it and every time I sit next to the drum set I just can't do shit :D
- burbon -

Honestly what a brilliant video. Clear, helpful, with great examples and a solid conclusion. Thanks and hails.
- alexyorkshots -