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It was absolutely helpful that you said that "The left foot learns from the right foot", which is the concept I never thought of, yet very important. Thank you πŸ‘
- Max Mok -

Where's Thomas Edison?
- Richard Googe -

pedalın modelini yazabilir misiniz tşkler.
- Ahmet Ileri -

I think I got two slave feet.
- Cherry Hyman -

My left hits so much weaker my gosh.
- Adam Orlowski -

Tour using a different team unique when you play faster
- rotten rhythms -

thank you for these double base lessons. I have been coping with it for years and never veen able to make steady progresss. This seems to be a method that each drummer can adjust in terms of speed and technique. Back to the basics!
- andrei turcu -

On the left Nicolas Tesla, Einstein , Stephen Hawking . On the right Enya...'n the two other women are...
- Manou El -

1:51 At the Doom's Gate

Shaia lebuff really crushes drums in soviet russia
- Jake Hummell -

this is the world we living ..performance ,illision and materialism ..
- keller shell -

You look like Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
- NeewollaH * -

Dude, you are good. And more importantly, you teach well. This is why the internet is awesome.
- hugolafhugolaf -

Great lessons πŸ‘. I especially love your Tesla, Einstein, Hawking photos 🧠 🧬 πŸ§ͺ . Stay safe my friend πŸ’ͺ
- Kevin Charlie Foxtrot -

Ya man
- Mideos Videos -

- Remy Garon -

- Erica Drum -

I struglle with fucking 130 Bpms since 4 years
- JCDenton -

Cleanest double bass I've ever heard
- Cuzjudd -

Should I take steroids to get better?
- Dominick Masonry -