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Trading is a parasite activity created by parasites.

Soul hive mind groups of parasite beings rule it at the top.

Kick the markets ass -- by quitting trading today.

It is pushed and pulled by astral entity beings of synthetic god consciousness
- iorek byrnison -

Thank you bro
- Tony Khiev -

I wouldn't even been trading this. There's too much long wicks. Trend reversals not very clear for entry
- ay2dakay -

Thank you.
- Hasnul Hfk -

where are the black candles ie opened higher closed lower ???
- jim c -

Or you can just look at the higher timeframes
- Pity Brady -

Candlestick patterns are not consistent in predicting the start and end of a trend but this can be an addition to your trading arsenal. Remember, those who control the Forex market can just go long or short to profit off retail traders without clear signs so candlestick patterns can also give false signals.
- Bleu Print -

Great clear lesson, thank you.
- Skipper Andy -

Damn this was very helpful
- KaptainBasketball -

Thank you, very helpful
- Sowcar Business Solutions LLP -

Which time frame it is?

What does going long/short mean?
- Rav -

Great video
- cesar ostergarrd -

Nice video
- Eugene Ify -

I look at Pin Reversal at Pivot point, and execute the trade only after it has been tested several times along with Volume for confirmations. That's it.No frills, no thrills. ,
- noone -


Heikin Ashi candlesticks are the BEST!!!
- Careece Chichester -

This was a nice video, it explained candlestick patterns very well. What software are you using?
- Market Marauders -

Or just use Heikin Ashi candles...
- Andrew Freeman -

or just look at the higher
- FilipiKnows -