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i put sell on that set up
- Radian Gurpio -

I would have really liked the a big bullish candle like he showed for both the bearish to compare. It makes sense but I’d still like to see that too.
- Smitty Knickerbocker -

So red is closing and green is open ?
- Alejandro Valerio -

I don't need someone to show me a chart and tell me the past. I want to know how to look at 1/2 a chart and tell me where it's going, eh dude?
- Jim August -

great video and explanation
- Joseph Casimiro -

Can this be applied to swing trading or its only best used for day trading?
- Mohammad Assad -

to much explanation james, confuse
- Asep Dudy D. -

Forex is up and down, buy and sell....
- Andrew Hanky -

Forex is up and down, buy and sell 💯
- Steven Woods -

Awesome explanation, I'll use this as a part of my strategy
- Cedric Holmes -

Im new to investing and trying to get a insight on reading candlestick charts. But I just don’t understand it and probably never will. At the end of the day your still trying to guess if it’s going up or down. You can have one candle be red making you think it’s going down in price, and surprise! There’s all the sudden a green candle. That’s why I would never say do any options trading or day trading. I rather just buy and hold for the long term, I’ll sell when my stocks have grown.
- Elbee Ayala -

best video
- Vladimir Anatolevich -

- Tess Kansas -

Does everyone use candlesticks primarily nowadays? Is there any reason to look at bar or line configurations?
- Martin -

signing up on a free trial is impossible - somehow my email addresses have been used, how come?
- Martin Greijmans -

Can anyone help me with a working strategy?
- Allen Twimmer -

Trading is becoming frustrating for me i need a working strategy from anyone please.
- Brad Tucker -

The problem I always have is trying to duplicate this process on a different chart, the candle sticks never look this perfect. Its difficult and different.
- J Young -

I need help trading please i really need this.
- Helen J. Alexander -

I have tried learning to trade myself and i have gotten no where, please i something that can really help me i am getting frustrated.
- Larry V. Harper -