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Do you have a live feed recorded where you can forecast candlestick direction before the move?
- Green Hornet-Sal -

Thank you very much for this information, priceless
- lindo macedo -

Nice clean clutter free chart, makes it easier to see price action. Price does not lie.
- Forex Trading Ideas -

Most indicators are useless learn the patterns
- John Degregs -

Most instructional video on the subject !
- Mark Stuff -

Nice explanation of some very good insights and information..thank you..
- J G -

Awesome videos 📹

Am going to try d Doji pattern
- Mindexx Melembe -

Hey Joseph, for day trading, especially 10-30cent profits on volatile stocks under $10 maybe even penny stocks, which do you suggest is a better time frame - 1min, 2min or 5min?
- Paul Smith -

you failed to mention this is 5 minutes chart... its hard to see a confirmation in lower timeframe.. a newbie can get confused by this explaination
- Irsyad -

this really just feels like confirmation bias. You're justifying the trend because you alrdy know how the stock played out
- high horse -

That was very interesting will you make another one
- Lionardo Rojas -

Very nice. Do you have more clip on charts? Thanks.

great video. subscribed.
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I just became rich after watching this video subbed
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What does 'get short', 'get long' mean?
- Ela Karczewska -

Hi james, thx for this valuable information.
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Thank you for this helpful and informative video, Joseph!
- Billy Reed Music -

Thank you.
- Janeofthronz -

Great video! You’re a great teacher!
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