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Nice idea. thanks will try that.
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Good video
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You cant solely rely on indicator or bots, they are not programmed with strategies needed especially when asserts are fluctuating.
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Awesome! Thank you.
- Jeevan Pillay -

What do you mean by bullishly
- yair castaneda -

It sounds like you're piloting an American airline 727 while educating the passengers...
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Even though I'm still a beginner trader, I hope to become a successful trader this year
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what is the moving average number?
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Ok so I tested and used this strategy and made a Gazillion Billion dollars! ( Ok just about $12) But to me the info was worth a Gazillion Billion. It's interesting on how you described it and on that alone I did make profit. I'mm gonna put my indicators back on now but what a fun experiment and I felt my strategy and observation grow. Thanks:)
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That consolidation could also be brought under descending triangle creating lower highs
- aryan halwasia -

what kind of oscillator do you use on the graphic is that bb or ma?
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great video & most importantly, its well presented, subbed!
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Instead of "drawing" those candles just box that zone out.. Indicating thats where the sellers are.
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Perfect video 💪
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Thank you for thisJoseph!
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Primo video this is fantastic
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Thanks sir 🙏 🙏 🙏
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Wow awesome info glad to have it in my arsenal, thats money making info!
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I really want to take the time to thank you for this education. Very simple and less complex. I really appreciate your teaching
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