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- Juliana swift -

Never seen a guitar player that happy...
- tell stiriae -

1 de julho de 2020
- Magno lima dos santos -

Taylor knew that her band are the luckiest group of people who played for all the artists be it pop, country, rock, rnb, rap, hiphop, etc....
- H Naiwang Konyak -

Wow what a proud moment for the swifties all around the world. I can't get enough how much I have watched this!
- H Naiwang Konyak -

I thought Jedward sang Angel's???

Got it wrong again. Thought they sang "I'm the real Slim Shady" aswell
- makadeni123 -

robbie williams unen tasarhai i love you
- Odmaa Shijir -

выступление ШИКАРДОС!!!!!!!!
- Oxana Klachkova -

She is sooo Ugly🤦🏼?♂️
- Neidfaktor Crew -

She looks so happy, I love it.
- Eduardo González -

Amazing and Fantastis, orang Indonesia bilang mah Ruarr biasa.
- E. Iskandar -

Quero conhecê.lo um dia 🥰
- Marilene Moura -

I listen to this song every single morning in the car , can't start the day without it .
- Ae Wahab -

- Riza Uka -

Robbie would have such a hard time these days, kissing fans on stage and such. People would be making #metoo scandals out of this stuff, saying he used his position as the pop star to get them on stage and sexually harass them. Like in Knebworth, Come Undone. This was one of the sweetest live moments imo, when he kissed that girl.
- Slumber! -

Robbie is the ultimate showman....he is entertainment... thank you Robbie for letting Taylor Singh with you xxxxx
- John Hannan -

- Marly Antonia da Silva -

What a good person Taylor, I can see from the way she smiled to Robbie that she's kind true, and human. Love her as an artist and woman. The best USA icon
- yann henriot -

This is my fourth time am watching this can't stop loving it😍
- Sylvia Lohe -

I didn’t know Tom cruise had an older brother who plays guitar
- D M D -