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Great song, wish it did better in US
- Michael Hurley -

01:31 Taylor's happiness is Everything to me
- Abdul Khaliq -

💎 J'adore 🥰
- Maryvonne Gadonnaud -

Omg. Great! I love them!
- Nika Nika -

I don’t think i will ever be able to see her ot even go her concerts 😔
- Another person -

If you skip sara’s ad you are not a ture swifite She’s an initial part of our fandom
- Another person -

- Juliana swift -

Never seen a guitar player that happy...
- tell stiriae -

1 de julho de 2020
- Magno lima dos santos -

Taylor knew that her band are the luckiest group of people who played for all the artists be it pop, country, rock, rnb, rap, hiphop, etc....
- H Naiwang Konyak -

Wow what a proud moment for the swifties all around the world. I can't get enough how much I have watched this!
- H Naiwang Konyak -

I thought Jedward sang Angel's???

Got it wrong again. Thought they sang "I'm the real Slim Shady" aswell
- makadeni123 -

robbie williams unen tasarhai i love you
- Odmaa Shijir -

выступление ШИКАРДОС!!!!!!!!
- Oxana Klachkova -

She is sooo Ugly🤦🏼?♂️
- Neidfaktor Crew -

She looks so happy, I love it.
- Eduardo González -

Amazing and Fantastis, orang Indonesia bilang mah Ruarr biasa.
- E. Iskandar -

Quero conhecê.lo um dia 🥰
- Marilene Moura -

I listen to this song every single morning in the car , can't start the day without it .
- Ae Wahab -

- Riza Uka -