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Robbie you MUST tour the world... Im sure your band is ready.... the last 15 years have sucked with out your music and energy... music now blows..
- Dj #1 -

Can’t fake the fan in her there 👍🏻
- mark hunt -

- Balnazzar Mhoper -

taylor’s voice i’m 💖💖💖💖

i love my wife and my children
- MrSunflower76 -

anybody notice Robbie's wearing Taylor tee?
- SnoW Man -

- wanda calza -

- Noel Belmonte -

Clearly, he doesn't like her. I don't know.
- Mr. Ious -

Блядь, научись в фонограмму попадать, позёр.
- Alexa K -

I was there!
- Liam Farrell -

Love love excelente fantástico ❤️🎼🎼🎼🎼💞👍
- Teresa Osorio -

Super song
- Laura Sanfor -

Love this absolutely beautiful
- Anna Dowling -

wow when robbie turns up.. i feel my tears man.. i just remember my uncle singing his fav song..
- akU c TATZ -

Love the video

My two favorite singers ever! singing my favorite song ever! What a night! Not having attended this concert will forever be a great regret.. Robbie and Taylor I love you so much❤️
- Le Grognard -

I was lucky enough to watch this live! The atmosphere was amazing. ❤
- Madison Lily -

at least she presented one good act^^
- music44 -

one thing with robbie is when there is a sense of proud and glorious and heartfelt you can see it in his mouth and eyes....
- Lou Pyzer -