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Love Tim Skold's vox on this one. I wish Skold was making stuff like this today.
- La Gioconda -

Isolation when you leave its like I this song 💕💖
- skulls 80 -

Today I dropped the ball. Tomorrow I’ll rise above. If this happens to you watch the just do it video and honestly answer the questions to yourself. It’s time for tomorrow to take a vacation
- Joshua Aleman -

Good sonf
- Tora Black -

A sad but true message Sascha Konietzko needs to know........... he never will for he thinks he's better than learning
- dèl Păntión -

4/20/99 Today is not god day to be here
- DeiGhost -

''Minutes slowly turn to hours
Another moment passes by
Seconds of eternity
I wonder if it's time to say goodbye...''
- Thylacine -

R.I.P Eric Dylan and victim..
- ざしきわらし -

first time heared it on some mp3 disk,with the whole discography,it was in 2002,big fan since then..amazing gang
- Лорд Асдергод -

This song is therapy
- CIA are in the comments section to divide us -

these guys are just amazing!!!
- Ivan Mokorich -

April 20 1999 - Today.
- RamesesBolton -

Going back and listening to this song makes me realize just how much influence KMFDM has had on modern music. Love this song.
- Andy Felker -

I love this song,so much meaning.
- Jones -

Today we are going to talk about drift, the drift about intention, of location, of you.
- Chris Lund -

finding kmfdm was the best moment in my life!
- Jello Fox -

My feels song
- Tom Bazil -

feels like a subway ride, going on forever....
- James Lehr -

I suggest we raise a little hell. 
- Ruben Dario -

KMFDM was the first band I ever saw in concert. 9:30 club. I was thirteen. The bouncer told the guy in front of me the spikes on his necklace were too big. Good times.
- yaylight -