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My problem is that whatever I do it always feels like the beater hits the air where it hits the best and if I adjust it closer to the head it feels like the range is too close
- drumsanddrumming -

- Charlie Janto -

In my opoinion the first thing you should control is the angle of the beater. If this thing is ok for you, you can adjust the tension.
- Mr. Game und Dr. Watch RetroArcade-Channel -

I've used DW 5000 & Lidwig Speed King pedals most of my playing career. Right out of the gate the Speed King feels best for me. I'm 65 now & my speed has decreased with age but I can still pull off most patterns with the SK. Spring tension feels just right either heel up or down.
- Steve Smith -

Can anybody PLEASE help me with how to increase or decrease spring tension??!!!
- Krissh Sarmalkar -

Im having a big problem with my spring tension screws. the bottom screw on both the left and right pedal is stuck and i'm unable to loosen them. so right now my spring tension isnt adjustable, anyone else have this happen or know a way to fix them?
- Trev x -

I like a medium spring tension.

From there I can change the feel by moving the fulcrum (ball of the foot) on the footboard. I'm not the type to skip across the pedal like Gadd or Mayer. I'm more the type to "stroke out" my foot patterns, and "float"(?) The heel as it usuall sits very low over the heel plate.

Pedals are 1997 DW5002AH. They're the original narrow foot board, single chain pedals. I have two sets.

I also have a dw fat footboard double chain accelerator pedal that I used on a gazillion gigs over the eighteen years I've had it.

Lastly, I just picked up a used dw 5000 Turbo like I had in 93. No stabilization plate. Folds up great in the hardware bag. Great for the acoustic / jazz / cover gigs where I don't do any double kick work. Also, the nostalgia feels good!
- danlc95 -

Best intro ever!
- danlc95 -

I got one of those perpetual motion pedals... you just tap it once and it goes the whole song
- TunnelSnake9337 -

Also the height of the beater plays a big role.
- fartpoobox ohyeah -

If the beater hits the top of my foot, then the spring is too tight...
- Joel Maye -

Excellent teacher
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- Tieu Kha Vu -

Thank you my dude
- NayNay -

On my dw 5000 double pedal I have it on tight because I go faster.
- Shane Helling -

How do I get rid of drum lug rattle? There's no springs inside.
- A D -

so for heavy rock/metal but also for hiphop, medium/tight tension?
- STATiSbeats -

thank you great info.
- Margaret Cesati -

I actually had a pedal spring break during a show last week. First time that ever happened. I switched to my spare, but the tension was set so low I had almost no action on the pedal. I went out and bought a couple of packs of new springs to keep with my gear.
- Dave R -

Great fail in the introπŸ˜‚
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