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Bey- baa bey bhaaaa
- Mike Dutill -

I dont like that the entire guitar is basically made by machine. How can you say it's a custom shop when you just push some buttons that's sad...
- PA- PYRO -

Actually this is more hands on than most custom shops I've seen
- Josh Brz -

I want a Dean Electric Guitar!
- Joseph Mauricio Flores -

Jeff hardys been through a lot, first wwe then dean guitars, pray for him y’all
- Russell Dotson -

CNC can’t come in Monday hung over AF. I’d rather that lol
- William Don -

I just can't get past that headstock....... Nope
- Jim Byers -

I fell in love with a Dean Back in 1974 or was the best playing guitar I’ve ever played. And I didn’t buy it. Why I do not know. It was so grand an experience. The pick-ups screamed and the neck was perfect for my smaller hands. Ebony frets only... hey I love Leslie West...Mountain man I saw them in 1970... “Mississippi Queen...” no rosewood fret boards. And only Ash or flame top maple.
- Mike Ivy -

Dean makes the highest quality USA guitars I have ever come across. I cant believe how in the last 16 years of awful Gibsons, more people haven't come across how good these guitars are. Especially for the money. I have the usa models, a dime sledge, a namm show thoroughbred, and a dean hardtail. All 3 guitars vastly surpase their rivals. I have owned and sold several Les paul customs and standards. The only guitar that even comes close to deans quality is my 91 lp custom, but dean still destroys its. I have a korean dean ml that is exceptional as well. I have even had a few chinese MLs and they were great players too, again vastly superior to any epiphone. Get your wings today.
- Brandon C -

I buy cheap, gut and replace with my custom stuff! Don’t u pay 4 5 thousand dollars for a guitar 🎸...make it ur own.. he’ll buy a 100.00 guitar and switch out pick-ups, refret, new tuners, hell new neck if need be... and u see how many craftsman have been replaced...shame shame shame. This is an art form not factory -form...later dude and I’m a 65 yo man!
- Mike Ivy -

Nile intensifies 👋👋👋👋👋
- Dorin Busu -

14:40 - That was when my eyeballs popped out of my head! WOW! That looks amazing!!
- Axess2084 -

Dean Guitar Sound !!!
- Coptryx -

Gig bag for Dean custom 350f?
- Enrique Velazquez -

Stop making tacky guitars.
- MrMethadrine -

I hope you wipe the floor with Gibson i have 3 of your guitars awesome ..........
- batmany2k -

Hey folks just here looking for those gibson copies, I think I see one over there
- atomic clowns -

would i be able to specify what kind of inlays i want when ordering a dime stealth custom
- zergos -

Guy looks like a fucking chick. That’s gross. Never understood fucking eye makeup.
- xblackcatx13 -

dean USA custom shop guitars are great; comparable to custom gibson quality; but korean made dean's..... please..... the worst asian made "american" brand! even indonesian jackson x-series are much better.
- Giovanni Balsamo -