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Certainly entertaining.
- Paulo Perez -

4:18 Dude it's not that hard. He makes simple shit harder than it needs to be, all tense as fuck! lol
- murilo ninj -

8:49 James breaking Lars's balls, Lars has a good sense of humor.
- multiestonian -

am i the only one that loves seeing his mkiic++ in the rack?
- Mike D -

I don't think we realise how lucky we are for having these dudes writing such masterpieces for all of us <3
- Marvelous Wololo -

8:29 lars grilling kirk on his timing is ironic as fuck lmao
- Mando -

The improvised laugh is very false, did James Hetfield with all the records recorded, he never realized that you can hear your voice through the capsules? and for the same reason, when you record a record, the sound engineer warns you not to speak at the end of playing, but here he explains that the voice comes out of the capsule, it is assumed that they have been fed up with a record And did he just realize? I'm sorry that came out fake and I don't think so. Sorry for my
Bad English.
- Keno DCLXVI -

Lo de la risa improvisada es muy mula, seguro James Hetfield con todos los discos grabados, nuca se dió cuenta que se puede escuchar tu voz por las cápsulas y por lo mismo cuando grabas un disco el sonidista te advierte que no hables al terminar de tocar, en cambio acá le explica que la voz sale de la cápsula, se supone que han grabado hartos disco ¿Y recién se dió cuenta? No le compro.
- Keno DCLXVI -

James Hatfield is a big teddy bear. Proof in this video
- Omar Ortiz -

Lars is on fire here 4:19
- Daniel Araya -

- irlrp -

He has Croatian flag on wall Nice bro!
- ScoutEye -

Lars is so disgusting in the way he acts.
- Elektro Demon -

Just me or.. Didn't it seem like there was an underlying tension throughout this whole documentary? Lars's ever growing ego. James was coo. Kirk even seemed a bit of a dick at times. Rob...well he seems like hes the most down to earth and really just putting up with all their egos and lack of talent. Almost like he tells himself....dude you get a million dollars a year to put up with these overgrown and dated rockstars. And the engineer and his assistant don't seem very comfortable at all.
- donny bristol -

how many freaking explorers does he need?
- cem ozbelen -

4:19 Fucking Machine
- Pontus Westberg -

im waiting for lars's arms to fly off into the crowd one day 4:18
- M Smith -

EET FUK guitar on the wall. My heart is happy that they still have it
- Steven Hutchinson -

Ahh just imagine if they had George Kollias.
- Wandering Blues Man -

Rob must have nailed his bass parts. He was in and out of there.
- Ingle Ringlet-Snipps 3rd -