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Tony with the hat looked like danny worsnop for a second
- EpicSpartan -

I love that the fact they're already internet personalities really shows in how comfortable they are doing this.
- Alex Rhees -

I see jared's got some hickeys.
- SquidSquirtHD -

So glad I got back into these vids. Reminds me of middle school binge watching these all night haha
- cinemasquare20 -

Low testosterone
- shvinehoond -

Is this sponsored by war robots
- zeroblackdeath 13 -

The Sun is a Deadly Laser, what a great name for a metalcore band
- Márcio Chiabotto -

Why Dines got a fatass hickey on his neck when they are sitting in the van?
- Radio Mitchell -

"just some essentials, here's some sunscreen, some fiji deodrant......
Here's a MALLET"
- Aditya Nagyal -

The Wire is actually in Berwyn IL Right outside of Chicago
- Kevin Johnson -

That one random flashlight
- Ellie Holt -

Who clicked because of DJARED
- Bode Hooder -

We did it to ourselves fellow Kansans

this video is really inspirational
- Hawkeye -

5:49 I have those shoes!
- Alex La Padula -

Jared’s hickeys lol
- Television -

chris is just familiar with the chi cheng story...
- Cole Hallman - VAN invaders
- Goog User -

vans dont it with real buses please...
- mlhgurkan -

- Zach M -