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- Digital Tour Bus -

Everything is broken haha
- Wrath Upon Eden -

Lmfao such a cliche day in the life of a band in a tour. Short guy fucking lives for every second of it mad respect. 🔥
- Dimitrios Mavridis -

I should probably pay attention to Jared’s page more, I didn’t know this was his band lol
- Nick Jarvis -

I feel Jared is a flake, he will never be like Trivium, his YouTube channel is big but if he wasn’t flaky he would be.
- Philip Medford -

Fuck dines and his lame ass band that dude has got so much and is so cheap he makes his homies drive around in stupid ass van. Anything for clout they said
- Lance Sims -

Isn’t the merch guy Austin 😂😂😂
- MeisCarson -

this is what gyatdam "buslamevaderz" should be can almost smell the french fries and fart smell thru the vid.........
- crucialreedy -

These guys probably paid Digital Tour Bus for this video, instead of Digital Tour Bus paying them.

Is it just me or is Jared high in this
- OmgDisfunny -

Tony looks like danny from Asking Alexandria with the hat😂💀
- Ulises Angulo -

this is so typical Jared and co. amazing :D
- Sir Nik -

I really dont like this Jared Dines, it 's just somthing about him that's off
- Ant Wee -

i saw jared and i gonna like this video
- gorra de waluigi -

9:57 the sun is a deadly laser
- Adrian Galindo -

you should see archspires
- GingerSnap CinnamonBun -

That Jared guy is pretty funny, he should make a youtube channel
- Berke -

Jared had a wild tour, according to his neck hickies.
- detonator6 -

Rest, Repose a good band (sad that they broke)... 😢😢😢
- SpartanKyloVadr _45 -

Who is rest repose?
- Sideshow Bob -