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- Digital Tour Bus -

this is what gyatdam "buslamevaderz" should be can almost smell the french fries and fart smell thru the vid.........
- crucialreedy -

These guys probably paid Digital Tour Bus for this video, instead of Digital Tour Bus paying them.

Is it just me or is Jared high in this
- OmgDisfunny -

Tony looks like danny from Asking Alexandria with the hat😂💀
- Ulises Angulo -

this is so typical Jared and co. amazing :D
- Sir Nik -

I really dont like this Jared Dines, it 's just somthing about him that's off
- Ant Wee -

i saw jared and i gonna like this video
- gorra de waluigi -

9:57 the sun is a deadly laser
- Adrian Galindo -

you should see archspires
- GingerSnap CinnamonBun -

That Jared guy is pretty funny, he should make a youtube channel
- Berke -

Jared had a wild tour, according to his neck hickies.
- detonator6 -

Rest, Repose a good band (sad that they broke)... 😢😢😢
- SpartanKyloVadr _45 -

Who is rest repose?
- Sideshow Bob -

5:04 "I got my headphones, has my favorite albums on it"
- Джейсон Макаллистер -

Fuckin white boys...
- Isadore Willis -

All the short haired normies.....he still has a cool channel
- Lilith Morningstar -

jared have a hickey
- Supar KillSwitch -

1:11 I Have that same hat dude
- Milo Jai -

Jared Dines must be the younger brother that never got too much attention from his mom.
- iHPL666 -