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Kis forever
- Happy Robins -

0:22 what are these sounds called? I always here them and similar sounds in reggae and dub
- Nathan Edwards -

Effects on point.....
- London Pharaoh -

This is what I call music like the 80's!!😀
- Angela Smithson -

I like the cultural mix here, all races getting along - NICE!!🙂
- Angela Smithson -

- Gabriel Perez -

Goose bumps, what a rush . God bless
- future times -

The best set is amazing good vibes
- Erick zavala -

Please just pure reggae!!!!
- Isabel Matta -

Of all the good dub reggae - and you play this SHITE?? You even have shit equipment, it's all DISTORTED! Who the fuck booked you/let you play? Go and find another job - your taste in music, and knowledge of dub (if you have any) is shite.
- Paul Middleton -

Ketty Roots rep massive blessings Bklyn NYC.
- Rashiid Almahdi -

saludos gracias por video
- Mjgt aguitaderuda y violeta -

Bad boy shit! Remind me of the 80's Brooklyn block parties in Flatbush.
- Chuckey 2015 -

Bless i
- Jun Jun Gatbos -

Man like ras kayleb
- d26 -

What's the name of the tune at the end?
- Mr. Allie -

- CiuriddaSound -

Whats the name of the song
- Prijs de heer Smoke wat meer -

when are u coming over the north sea to the Netherlands?
- Michiel vd Vlies -

Not selfish but somethings belong to us, especially since most of these tunes were made during and because of oppression. Yes, you can be empathetic to our struggles and hardships, but we lived it, and used our music as the foundation of our hope for better days.
- B Real -