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Jonny Cash kann einpacken dagegen... was für ein Gott!
- AlthWelt - AreTerA - Weltheit74 -

You have a smart mouth. I slept in my bed ALONE just like I wanna sleep.
- Cat Stevens -

I’ll shiivvvvvvvveerrrrrrrrr the whole .....niiiiiiiiiiiight throoooooouuuuughhhh!
- Andrew Cruz -

Definition of artist
- Chris -

Still sends shivers down my spine and brings tears to my eyes. Pure genius..
- James Rennie -

À essa música sem contrário maravilhosa
- Maria Aparecida De Souza medina -

- TheHardfluid -

Fukk you all is right.. what's it matter anymore they all believe the hype
- Karla Staley -

2 thumbs up
- Celeste Kaminska -

nobody knew history was being made right here.
- Kevin Keener -

40 years old, 25 years later, STILL makes me cry, Every. Single. Time. One of the most heartfull performances of all time
- david Phillips -

This might be one of the best Nirvana videos out there
- Lexie Larsen -

go back, because this is the end...
- Matt A -

amazing performance, even before it was known to be "utterly amazing." I am old. Nothing compares to this.
- Matt A -

what just happened here? 4:47
- Andres Rave -

Shit man WOW , !!!! Wow.
Top tune
- Daniel Millward -

I didn't sleep much last night
- Karla Staley -

It's BLACK girl......geez
- Truman Green -

What really gets me is the fact we never got to see what Kurt did in the future. Nirvana is still amazing, will always be:)
- N W -

Nirvana ladies & gentleman... amazingly talented.
Now can we discuss the people who buy the shirts & don't know who the fuck they are...