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he plays guitar with his left hand but writes with his right hand.. miss u kurt 😢
- Emmett D. Kobain -

History rock moment !!! LEGEND !!!!
- Michael Serrat -

Leadbelly is a god damn legend
- 2SlimeyyKai -

He even returned the Sharpie to its rightful owner. What a gentle soul Kurt was.
- Brian E -

God I love delta blues influenced rock 😍
- Ben Pituch -

This aong is broke heart of kurt cobain for axl roses
- Shaina Debide -

I was 15 years old when i first heard this song. and i fell in love with it. great song.
- Keith -

- Moises Lessa -

- Alejandro jose Florez -

For someone who is a bit of a asshole he sure did had a lot of talent
- ꙅvᴁ ʞ ᴂ -

No one will ever top KURT❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Felicia Briggs -

Chill my bones. 43 yrs old. who else?
- zsrmx1 -

September 2019??
- Deyvi Miguel Bobadilla Velasquez -

The best song of the night.
- Pat Treu -

In the pines??? Coffin
- it's Bigfatbush hsubtafgiB -

Anyone else see Ed Sheeran in the back at 4:34?
- Lachlan Wilcox -

This guy was a poet
- mrcatfish2100 -

This poet shall remind us how important mental health awareness is. May he be resting in peace.
"No se muere quien se va, solo se muere el que se olvida".
- Paula Gonzalez -

11Oct 2019
I'm roight here
; )
- StephanieElizabethMrsRianMV MartinRanvilleTomaWhite -

Almost eerie that in just about 5 months after this, his voice would unfortunately never sing like this in an acoustic setting again. RIP KURT WE MISS YOU
- Have-an-OK -