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Ads are fine, but do it between songs!!! Im trying to drink Whiskey and listen to MOTORHEAD MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

This is an awesome show!! Killer setlist (Mind you... when does Motorhead not have a killer setlist?)

Cheers to Lemmy, Philthy and Eddie, Mickey and Phil for getting added to the ballot, and everyone in between and went along for the ride!!
- Dan Tackaberry -

This is peak Motorhead. What a fabulous set! Those songs from Another Perfect Day rarely got played after Robbo left. Wacken footage is always stellar too.
- Ed Flynn -

Der beste Schlagzeuger in der Welt - Mikkey Dee!
- tut nicht nötig -

45: 52 "- RAMONES you son of the bitches....GIVE UP!!!" man, that moron crowd
- Flavio Kersting -

This is one badass concert.
- Gregory Carter -

- Gregory Carter -

another motorhead or another ramones, will ever exist.they are god"s mutants.too weird to live too wierd to die. long may they live in our ears.
- Nick Wade -

that's a fucking rock concert. Top that if you can !
- Richard Clarke -

- Juliàn UbedA -

Lemmy lives in the heart of his fans!He is not dead!!!
- Marco Pirelli -

We are Motorhead and we play rock and Roll ♠️♠️♠️🖤🖤🤘🤘
- Per Erling Johansen -

super zamiatają !!!
- Konsul PL -

playing at wacken is an accolade for any band.

having motörhead at wacken was an accolade for wacken.

and there music history was made!
- Boba Bier -

If you're Lemmy, you can just read the text with music accompaniment. The hall will still be crazy. #GodsOfMetal, #NWOBHM
- Who Cares -

I like a smoker cough at 1:06!
- Kristijan Kis -

Aguante Motorhead!!!! Tuve la suerte de verlos en vivo en Argentina junto a Alma Fuerte!
- Alfredo Tejada -

aguante motorhead !!!!!!!
- jhon rotten -

i am so glad i got to see them live..
- Nick Garren -

I'm sure he stole that Rickenbacker out of the Devils personal Instrument Cabinet
- rgerber -

The devil had to leave his throne for the new king when Lemmy died
- rgerber -