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We are Motorhead we play rock and roll nobody sleeps when motorhead's on
- Tomi Khaos -

Tomar no cu, que som de bateria foda é esse? Mikkey Dee regaça sem dó sua bateria.
- Praise the Sun -

God even after so many years and its hits you that you will never see Motorhead live ever again, First time i saw them was in 1979 and still waiting for a band like them
- David Ferguson -

lemmy coughed in the middle of a sentence but he continued like nothing happenend
also known as i dont give a fuck ill just continue
- Roel -

Motörhead was huge, but lemmy himself was even bigger, what a legend, such a cool and unique person.
- matias miranda arrredondo -

Who´s the milf singin´ Killed by DEath? :v
Amazing performance by the way
- Kameron Wraith du Kemp -

Hey God, Lemmy is much toooo loud for your heaven, send him back!!!!!
- bon scott -

- daniel lesmes -

Born to lose, live to win!
The world is less heavier without you...
- Freddy Freire Aragon -

Who's the girl on "Killed by death" ??? Thx
- Matt Layoun -

Easy now, Lemmy.... lml
- John Doe -

The fucking qont lwt you so ir
- Thomas Malone -

Love lemmy what
- Thomas Malone -

Rocking fucking nut he was
- Thomas Malone -

Резкую и красивую музыку делал. Жаль, что ушёл тоже резко. А сколько у него потенциала ещё было!? Как всё несправедливо...
- ig iv -

- guitaramgood -

Anyone heard that cough at 1:06 ?
- Ricky Pitts -

lemmy and crew is/are awesome. that crowd is crap.
- guitaramgood -

1049 people don’t have a soul.
- Sabry Phoenix -

Моторхэд это крутотень