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- Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi -

Gucci Mane killed it !!!
- Albert Black -

The song would’ve been better if lil yachty wasn’t talking for the rest of the song
- Ese Wey -

Salve manos Bira de Sao Paulo zl quando vocês vao fazer uma turne pelo Basil batida monstra caralho...
- Ubirajara Bispo Santos Conceiçao -

Offsets fuck up the riddim and takeoff
- Itz Platinum kixng 21 Offset -

Does he say quando sells blood or bud?
- nicole iverson -

Whoever likes this will be rich and successful
- yrn makaveli jnr -

God... I must be the most "Iciest" EVER!!!!!!!!!
- Valerie April Gutierrez a.k.a. DER-T -

Who else’s noticed Davido @ 3:05?
- Dodge Tv -

3:04 that's Davido on set
- Iyke Okey -

- Mia Monique -

Yachty are you for the πουτσ
- D. ig -

We are won and we Going be like more Won and in the making And we pow PAID yeah
- Raheem Williams -

Wow, yall couldve let Takeoff get some more bars instead of having yatchy talk forever at the end. Wtf

Hey aye it's all love It's all love we speak Gucci mane the plug gwallasmash Nigga shitted flip that work
- Raheem Williams -

Nigga's around me keep a Hundred rounds me @quavohuncho @gwallasmash No sir our king stree Aye how westside going cover
- Raheem Williams -

It's all love my brother @quavohuncho about hit the room With @gwallasmash now all day You been walking talking about
- Raheem Williams -

I get that Tupac vibes in the ending reminds me of hit em up when the ending was just talking
- rapper2149 -

take off killed his verse
- Lionel Shaba -

U Tell em, Boat!
Fuck the haters LMAO
- Sock Account -